How to Avoid Real Estate Internet Marketing Disasters

Good real estate website design can give agents credibility online. Using a professional real estate website design company like Paveya can go far in showing potential home buyers what you have to offer. Good real estate website design will give these potential buyers the resources they need to make an informed decision about your homes and services before they contact you, saving them time. However one small misstep in your real estate internet marketing plan can completely erase any good will brought on by professional real estate website design. Preparing a real estate internet marketing plan that includes dealing with disasters will go far in helping you build credibility among potential home buyers.

Don’t Manage Your Professional and Personal Social Media on the Same Browser

When you hear about a company that sends a partisan political Tweet, or posts a less-than-professional picture, it is probably because someone intended those Tweets or posts for their personal pages and accidentally posted on the company’s social media page instead. A good rule for real estate internet marketing is to keep your personal separate from your professional. One easy way to avoid this is to only have your personal social media pages on a browser separate from the one you use for your professional pages. This will force you to look at what you are posting. Real estate internet marketing plans should always avoid upsetting a potential home-buyer. While the policies and decisions of some governmental officials could impact your sales, it is never a good idea to talk about it professionally. Even if you know you are right, a potential home buyer can become turned off if they don’t see things your way. If you are struggling to manage your real estate internet marketing, the professionals at Paveya can develop a real estate web design package that will help you avoid these potential mistakes.

How to Deal with Unhappy Client Reviews

Review websites can be real estate internet marketing gold or disaster if not constantly monitored. Understanding what to do when an unhappy client posts something bad about your services is key. First, take ownership of your review sites. Gaining access to real estate internet marketing sites like Yelp, Zillow, or other sites that allow reviews is simple and will help you monitor what people are saying about you. Simple real estate website design tools can even allow you to embed the reviews on your website.

Second approach a negative review like an opportunity. Simply deleting negative reviews is not a good real estate internet marketing strategy because people researching your services online don’t expect to see a perfect rating. In fact, a perfect rating will make you look suspicious. Instead respond to a negative comment with diplomacy and use it as a chance to show others how you are able to deal with problems. This will give your real estate internet marketing strategy credibility and show potential clients you know how to keep your cool in stressful situations. It’s also important to remember to use these same strategies for private messages someone may send. Never assume anything on the internet is private.

Answer All Questions & Inquiries

While we’re at it, it’s important to note that all questions and comments posted on social media sites should be answered by you. Real estate internet marketing plans need to include customer service elements. More and more people are using Twitter and other social media sites for customer service and it is your job to answer potential home buyers’ questions and concerns. Spending a few moments interacting with people on social media sites will help your internet marketing plan by making you and your services appear approachable. You will also stand out because most other agents ignore this crucial step. If you are “too busy” for potential home buyers, utilizing real estate internet marketing services provided by Paveya can save you time and allow you to make new connections.


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