Building a Successful Ecommerce Internet Marketing Plan

More and more studies point to consumers moving away from traditional stores to the front of their computers and mobile devices to do their shopping. E-commerce is a rapidly expanding avenue to sell products online. By 2015 it is estimated that over half of the population in the United States (174 million total) will buy something through the internet. As those numbers continue to climb up it is important for small businesses to develop a successful ecommerce internet marketing plan. E-commerce web design is essential for survival and allows small business to expand its message to a wider audience. There are several keys to a successful ecommerce internet marketing plan.

Professional e-commerce web design is necessary to build online credibility for your product or store. E-commerce web design should create a look and feel that is inviting to the customer. Similar to making sure a retail store is clean and welcoming, e-commerce web design should create that impression digitally. E-commerce web design that is outdated and sloppy will keep customers from buying because the customer will not trust the site enough to make a purchase. The e-commerce web design experts at Paveya understand how to build a modern website that will help build trust between customers and businesses.

A big ecommerce internet marketing tip is to promote products you are selling through social media. Social media is the evolution in customer service and a successful ecommerce internet marketing campaign should understand how to use sites like Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter to sell products. It’s important to remember the “social” in social media. Only 44% of top retailers respond to customer service questions within 24 hours. That same study shows 25% of people who complain about brands through Facebook or Twitter expect a response within an hour. Engaging with customers or potential customers increases your ecommerce internet marketing and provides a personal approach that no other marketing can supply. One in five customers have used social media for customer service and these numbers grow every year. 

Still not convinced e-commerce web design and ecommerce internet marketing will benefit your small business? Recent surveys suggest as the shopping habits of consumers change, the chance they will spend more increases. That study found that individuals who are social media savy are willing to spend 21% more for a product than non-social media users.

Paveya understands ecommerce internet marketing can be time consuming for a small business owner and we are here to help. Paveya is currently offering e-commerce web design for just $2,995! The experts at Paveya understand how e-commerce web design works and we can help you sell your product today! Contact Paveya and get a jump on your competition now!


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