Mobile Marketing Solutions to Generate Business

With mobile marketing, companies can advertise to and communicate with their customers through wireless devices. Advantages of mobile marketing include that mobile advertising is timely and budget-friendly, and it can also be associated with other advertising such as radio and TV ads. Mobile marketing is an excellent way to communicate with current and potential customers.


A recent survey showed that within the next year over 80% of the population will have a smartphone. In addition, 70% of those will be use their smartphone to search for a product or service that will result in their taking an action (find the store, make a purchase, recommend
to a friend) and it will happen in less than 1 hour.


Paveya offers many mobile marketing services, which include SMS mobile text marketing, QR codes, mobile video, and mobile coupons. For example, QR codes are an excellent method of marketing as more people are using smartphones. QR, or quick response, codes are links that can send a user to your website, your coupons, your social network pages, etc. The user can scan the code from his or her phone with the camera and/or an application to access the link. Paveya’s mobile marketing service can send text messages to all of the major mobile phone carriers in the nation.


For your real estate company, there are many advantages with mobile marketing. Potential clients can have access new listings, property information, open house information, pictures, and more. Realtors can use services such as keywords with automated responses as well as QR codes. You can receive more leads, provide easy access to your company’s information, deliver information in an effective manner, easily update information, and more.


If you are in the retail industry, mobile marketing can be very beneficial to you as well. You can send mobile coupons to your customers’ smartphones. Electronic coupons provide benefits such as a wide array of discounts, marketing for a specific product or service, and the convenience of having coupons on phones.

Mobile marketing is also a beneficial form of communication for the hospitality industry. You can develop a creative mobile website for your hotel and include tours of the hotel, the option to book rooms, and lists of nearby attractions to visit. You can send messages with coupons and promotions to your customers, and you can also add the name of your hotel to location-based applications such as Google Maps and Yelp.

Financial companies can also benefit from mobile marketing. Banks can create mobile-friendly websites, so the information is easily accessible from a smartphone. They can provide services including mobile payments, create mobile applications, and allow smartphone owners to check their account balance and transactions.

Professionals, such as lawyers and doctors, can provide mobile marketing services to customers as well. You can send coupons, reminders, and notifications to customers. For example, doctors may send text messages to their patients to remind them about upcoming appointments. Professionals can develop campaign plans and help their customers.

Mobile marketing strategies provide benefits for a variety of industries. Contact Paveya today for assistance with mobile marketing and to learn more about Paveya’s mobile marketing services.


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