Social Media A Necessity for Hospitality Growth

Anyone who has spent time in a hotel recently has probably noticed the comment card left on the desk and wondered, “Do these people know what year it is?” Gone are the days when hotel marketing was a face-to-face interaction, where there was accountability on both sides.

In today’s social media landscape, hotels and hospitality professionals need to have a modern hotel marketing strategy, which includes social media. Knowing what people are saying about your hotel on social media sites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, Foursquare and any of the dozens of other social media sites is very important for your hotel marketing strategy. Yelp alone had over 70 million unique users in the 2nd quarter of 2012, and almost everyone is planning where to stay on trips by reviewing these sites. The most effective way for hotels and hospitality professionals to navigate these waters is to gain control of these accounts. Sites like Yelp probably already know your hotel exists, if someone has already written a review, or created an account. So having control over the account is vital for your hotel marketing. Hotels and hospitality professionals will find it’s easy to gain control of these social media accounts. The only requirement is to fill out a few forms on each site, and within a week or two they will send you a verification code. Once that code is entered you can move forward. Encouraging comments to be posted on social media sites is the next step hotels and hospitality professionals should implement in a successful hotel marketing strategy.

Thousands of hotels actually promote their Trip Advisor ratings on their websites, encouraging guests to leave comments. This is important to hotel marketing because it gives the impression of accountability. Plus consumers trust the opinions of other consumers more than any other source. Including review sites on hotels and hospitality websites shows that you have nothing to hide from your guests. Hotels and hospitality professionals should also know how to deal with the negative. Handling an unhappy customer online is also vital for hotels and hospitality professionals to manage hotel marketing. Comments on social media sites are typically coming from users who don’t have to identify who they are. Investing in reputation management software is one way to keep track of comments. Taking steps to address negative guest experiences is vital to show any potential new guests that these are isolated incidents that are being dealt with. You should always comment on a bad review as part of your hotel marketing. Never delete them, unless they are completely over-the-top slanderous. Showing that there is accountability at your hotel will go a long way to help your hotel marketing. Don’t forget about Facebook. With 900 million users, half of them very active, it’s the perfect place for hotel and hospitality professionals to create promotions.

You can also advertise on Facebook and target your ads to find your best client-base. Facebook is also linked with Bing maps, giving you another avenue of free exposure. It’s one of the most cost-saving ways to expand your hotel marketing strategy. Hotel marketing is not a part-time job. With so many sites to monitor if you are having trouble let the team of experts at Paveya know how we can help you. We are experienced hotels and hospitality experts and we know what it takes to implement a successful hotel marketing plan. From reputation management, so SEO, web design, and social media marketing, Paveya understands what it takes to take your hotel to the next level online.


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