The Best Realtor Web Design for SEO

Today’s real estate world is highly competitive. To succeed you will need a realtor web design that is highly visible to Google “bots” and easy to find. For any successful site the correct search engine optimization (SEO) is vital to give your page that all important “SEO real estate juice” that will move your site to the top rankings on Google’s search pages. But how do you know if the realtor web design you have chosen has the right combination of SEO real estate content to move it up in the ranks?

Black Hat and White Hat SEO

While using both methods as part of your realtor web design may initially move your site up in the ranks with search engines, in the long run Google and other search engines will penalize your site for using what is called “black hat SEO techniques”. Basically when talking about what kinds of SEO real estate sites should be using, designers will find they are veering into black hat territory the moment they decide to not follow the SEO guidelines put out by such search engines as Google. When it comes to SEO real estate content that includes paid links, cloaked links and any kind of SEO technique that is deceptive is black hat and in the end will get your site, no matter what kind of realtor web design you have, penalized.

White hat techniques are ethical in their approach and usually involve using SEO real estate techniques such as making sure that the content within your realtor web design is relevant and optimized correctly with the right keywords. They will usually include doing on-page optimization with the most relevant and popular keywords and using meta tags, and back links that are organic in nature. And no, that doesn’t mean we grow them in our garden. Since organic back links are the key to doing good white hat SEO real estate website owners might want a little more detail.

Why Organic SEO is Best

Anytime you talk to someone about what the best realtor web design for SEO is, they will immediately tell you about organic techniques. With SEO, real estate website designers know that using organic back links are essential. Organic, as you can imagine, means it is not artificial in any way. An organic back link on another realtor web design that leads to your website would need to be there for a natural reason, such as a recommendation. Organic SEO real estate links means it cannot be paid for and it cannot be disguised as something else on the site.

Because back links are an important part of the recipe that makes up your SEO real estate ranking on a search engine page, it is even more important that these be organic and natural to the bots that Google and other search engines send out to determine ranking.

Smart Web Design and SEO

Good realtor web design helps SEO real estate site ranking. This is because when you do a realtor web design that plans for organic SEO real estate content you can’t help but have a site that ranks well with Google and other search engines. But this kind of organic SEO real estate site design takes planning, knowing and understanding the rules from all the search engines and applying them intelligently to your realtor web design in a natural and organic way. When you have a realtor web design developer who can deliver this, your realtor web design can have any number of features but the most important one, your SEO real estate ranking with Google will always be there to get you the clients that see your site. And isn’t that why you wanted that realtor web designed site in the first place?


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