Tips for Internet Marketing for CPAs

As more data suggests that internet marketing for CPAs is becoming a more necessary tool for overall marketing success many CPAs are still hesitant about this technology. At Paveya we can help improve your CPA SEO and help you understand why CPA internet marketing is not only necessary for the present but also the way to find marketing success in the future.

Creating a CPA internet marketing plan starts with your website. Including the correct content on your website is important for increasing CPA SEO. As the holidays come to an end people will start to think about taxes. Right now is the perfect time to include tax tips and information on your website. Providing useful content for your visitors will help improve your CPA SEO ranking and will help build trust between a CPA and potential customer. Advice can come in different forms, from producing videos, to writing blogs, podcasts, and creating graphics. Because tax codes change and can be complicated at almost every level, including this type of information is good CPA internet marketing because you will have a consistent source of content to provide. If you are struggling to create your own content, Paveya can develop content for you that will be CPA SEO friendly and will bring you results.

Another CPA internet marketing strategy is to develop a social media plan of action. Social media and CPA SEO are becoming closely integrated and ignoring this aspect of CPA internet marketing will do more harm than good. Still many CPAs aren’t sold on social media. A recent survey conducted by Drake Software shows that 25% of all CPAs want to learn more about social media before getting involved. That same study showed that 76% of CPAs who are using social media have no plan. At Paveya we can help your CPA internet marketing plan by creating a custom and consistent social media marketing package just for your business needs. Having a presence on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are great resources for CPA internet marketing and will help you build connections that you can convert to customers.

In a competitive environment it is important to stand out from the crowd. Proper CPA internet marketing is not only necessary for today’s CPA but for building future relationships and trust among customers. At Paveya we know how to get results in a competitive environment. If you are struggling with your CPA internet marketing plan Paveya will help.

Need some help? We are here to help you grow. Contact us at or call us at 855.372.8392.


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