Best Catch of the Day

We went fishing today… and we didn’t even leave the office.

Today VBL’s IT and Paveya teams gathered for lunch in order to learn more about Fish! a workplace philosophy that promotes four simple practices that bring about creativity, customer satisfaction and happiness at work.

These simple practices include:

    • Choose Your Attitude—Make it a great day by making a decision to have a positive attitude.

    • Be Present—Focus on the person or task with which you are currently engaged. Give the gift of listening deeply.

    • Play—We spend most of our day together at work so take the time to play at work. This doesn’t mean not taking our work seriously; it’s about enjoying the work family that you are with.

    • Make Their Day—When you go out of your way to make someone’s else’s day you have given them a special gift that they won’t forget. Giving becomes infectious.

We agreed as a team that this is an important initiative that we really want to try. So we started right away with a joke telling contest.  Each team member told a joke and the laughter began. By the end of the contest, the laughter had gotten louder and the energy in the room had grown. Several members shared ways of improving customer service, including suggestions on how to make customers feel more special. In a short time the creativity of the team was unleashed by laughing.

Everyone left the meeting with a “fish” printed with one of the practices that they will focus on to have at their desk.We will try to help each other use these practices as we start to implement this philosophy here at VBL. We hope that our customers will sense the changes and know how appreciated they are.

And if you are wondering—yep, we’ve already got the next contest up our sleeve.

To see more about the VBL and Paveya teams when they aren’t  playing, visit the website at or


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