Hospitality Web Design Shifts to Accommodate Millennials

A recent report in the New York Times suggests hospitality websites are being redesigned, and the entire hospitality industry is changing as a whole to appeal to millennial travelers. According to the report, Millennials, or those people in their 20s and early 30s, are critical to the growth of the hospitality industry. Money spent on travel among Millennials jumped 20% in 2010 alone.

Hotels are including state of the art fitness areas, upgraded Wi-Fi services, and in-room consoles to plug in mobile devices in an effort to appeal to this tech-savvy generation. But hospitality websites that appear outdated will probably negate any plans to entice a younger demographic. The first impression a hotel will make to Millennials is on the web, so using modern hospitality web design elements is important.


Key Elements for Hospitality Web Design


There are a few key steps to take in hospitality web design to ensure hospitality websites are up to date. First is including a way for people to book reservations online. Hospitality websites that include the ability to book rooms online keep potential guests from booking on sites like Expedia or Priceline that take a fee from the booking.


Virtual tours are another important element of hospitality web design. Hospitality websites that include the option for guests to tour the rooms, hotel grounds, and community will provide users with a first-hand look at what they can expect when they book with the hotel. Hospitality websites that provide this type of customized viewing can help increase booking rates, as well as entice undecided guests.


A more basic approach to virtual tours is including images on hospitality websites. Hospitality web design should include lots of images of rooms, and more importantly of people enjoying the hotel they are staying at. Hotel events and private parties are excellent times to capture moments that can be posted on hospitality websites.


Mobile devices are increasingly becoming the go-to for people researching hotels. Hospitality websites that are mobile-friendly are important in attracting a younger demographic. Mobile apps can be costly, but hospitality web design that includes a mobile option will allow mobile users to easily navigate hospitality websites.


Hospitality websites should include their TripAdvisor or Yelp accounts. Millennials take to the internet to voice their pleasures or complaints with travel experiences, so including these sites in a hospitality web design plan are important to allow managers to easily interact with guests comments.


Paveya is experienced in creating hospitality websites that bring our clients results. Our hospitality web design team is here to assist hotel management in creating hospitality websites that hotels all around the world can be proud of. Paveya provides customized, modern hospitality web design that is sure to keep guests coming back.

Contact Paveya anytime and let us know how we can help with take your hospitality web design to the next level!


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