Improving Internet Marketing for CPAs Improves Business at Tax Time

A successful plan of action for internet marketing for CPAs is to hit SEO at the right time. Accountants are busiest during the tax season that’s why it is important to put your website to work now to ensure that people can find your accounting services online when they need you when the 2013 tax season hits full gear.

Improving internet marketing for cpas with SEO on a website starts with content. Some basic steps for CPA web design is to include well written content on the website and avoid any spelling or grammatical errors. Another key to improving SEO on a website for accountants is to provide constant content that visitors will engage with. The easiest way to create content is to add a blog and write tips and advice that people can use. Including SEO friendly keywords in blogs with links will help CPA web design as well.

Another tip to improving search engine results for a website for accountants is to include the proper meta descriptions. Every page on an accountant’s website should have a meta and page description. Remember that only the first 65-70 characters of a title will show up in search engine results and a meta description should be about the average length of a tweet, 140 characters.

The experts at Paveya are here to help design a website for accountants that will be simple to navigate with a modern design. CPA web design is something that Paveya will work with you to help you understand. Paveya will work with you to help you define your audience and develop the keywords they will use to find your website. Paveya will also use its CPA web design skills to develop an SEO plan that will ensure your services to appear ahead of your competition on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Paveya also offers social media tools to help you build a real online reputation.

Need some help? We are here to help you grow. Contact us at or call us at 855.372.8392.


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