Innovative Internet Marketing

Paveya Takes Your Business to the Next Level with Innovative Internet Marketing
For Immediate Release
Outer Banks, NC — PAVEYA, a division of VBL Technologies, is pleased to announce the launch of its new website which is focused on helping our customers leverage cutting edge internet marketing strategies in strategic national markets. Paveya’s technical expertise is combined with a management team that has vast business experience in some of the most competitive industries out there… including REAL ESTATE, VACATION RENTALS, HOTELS, FINANCIAL, and RETAIL. We know what businesses of all sizes need when it comes to growing business using the massive potential of the web. 
Claiborne Yarbrough, Business Development Manager for Paveya offers “Along with the new website, Paveya has packaged the most relevant and innovative new internet marketing services for Real Estate, Hotels, Retailers and small business owners. We’ve been careful to make sure that our pricing is affordable, even offering subscription pricing so that you can economically make the marketing investment to grow your business. Paveya will show you how our web design and internet marketing programs maximize customer acquisition, improve conversion rates and increase customer retention. Even more importantly, we will show you how internet marketing provides you with up to the minute analytics so you can see immediately evaluate your return on investment.”
Paveya is a full service internet marketing agency that offers everything from brand development to creating a user friendly website with content management, social media campaigns, mobile marketing and SEO. Brett McIntyre, the Creative Director of Paveya, notes “Most prospective customers rarely look past the first search page while researching a product or service so although you may have a great website, without SEO your prospects can’t find you and your online business will suffer significantly”. Paveya’s top of the line Search Engine Optimization packages have the ability to get your website to its highest rankings in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.  
Chris Schieman, Social Media Analyst at Paveya, observes “social media has become ubiquitous. Through well planned strategies and timely goals, companies can generate huge volumes of traffic from their business’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn pages, to their website”.  Paveya understand that specific industries can use social media in different ways and we are here to guide our customers in the ever changing marketing platform.
“To celebrate the launch of our website, we want to “offer any business 15% off all new custom web design and development projects for one month ending November 25th, 2012” stated Ms. Claiborne. If you would like to find out more about Paveya’s new offerings and our expertise, please contact us at or 855.372.8392.
Paveya’s newly designed website can be found at You can also engage with us through our social stream on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pintrest, Google+ and Instagram.


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