What I Learned This Week: Is This the Most Adorable Thing?

Is this the cutest ever or what? If I were sitting here with my eleven year old twin girls, they would both be saying Awwwwww!” You are probably saying it in your mind right now looking at this face. Go ahead; you know you want to say it.


But there’s something not so adorable about Google’s Penguin analytic update that happened a few months ago. That’s because small businesses, who have limited marketing dollars, probably have websites that are being penalized under the new ranking analysis. Through no fault of their own, the phone stopped ringing and the emails stopped coming.

Google Penguin is an effort to reward companies for having actual relevant content on their website. Remember, Google’s customer is the end user performing a search who wants appropriate search results. They don’t want their users to find a site stuffed with irrelevant key words.
The good news is that Paveya has an affordable small business package to help you get your SEO back on track. Adding a blog or other content management system is another great way to help keep your content fresh (yes, Google’s looking for that too) and relevant. Social media has a role to play here as well. Leveraging Facebook, YouTube and Twitter adds to your rankings. We can help you with this without breaking the bank.
Google’s Penguin release doesn’t have to be scary. We can work together so that we can all still think of penguins as “Awwww!” and not “Ugh!”


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