Inbound Marketing Tips for Business

Ok, this is an extreme example. But it got your attention.

Everyone is online.

We spend hours online every, checking in with our friends, gathering information for business, tweeting along with our favorite TV shows (Walking Dead anyone?) and most importantly for businesses, 46% of us are online looking for goods or services at any given moment in time.

Just about half of all US adults are online looking for goods and services. If you own a business that sentence should fill you with hope. If you are selling products or services, you have the opportunity to sell to the same people who skip TV ads, don’t look at the paper anymore, and recycle your expensive direct mail pieces without looking at them on their way into the house.

So how do you make the magic happen?

First, you have to have a website where you are able to tell everyone how great your product or service is. Selling organic mosquito treatments? Well you better be able to be able to tell people why they HAVE TO HAVE organic mosquito treatments. Not just once, but over and over in inventive ways on your blog. Yes, you are going to have to start writing or engage a professional to help you come up with relevant, professional content.  This compelling content is the first way that you get good search engine ranking. That’s because Google, Yahoo and Bing want those who are searching from their engine to find the content that they are looking for… so they will reward you with good rankings if users are finding you organically. Even better, if your site is found organically, a click through to the site results in a 70% purchase rate.

Combine content, ongoing white hat search engine optimization techniques, strong social media management to continually build interest, brand and loyalty and a mobile website and you are well on your way to getting those internet marketing leads. This is where you should spend 99% of your marketing budget.

Want the magic but don’t know how to get there? You need the help of an Inbound Marketing Specialist. Paveya provides a full service Inbound Marketing analysis, consulting and monthly services to help your reach your leads, educate them about your products and service and convert them into customers. Its not really magic, but we do know the processes and the mechanisms for getting you where you want to be. Sound good? Ready to Grow? Contact us for more inbound marketing tips for business at


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