SEO in Real Estate Web Design

Why SEO Matters in Real Estate Web Design

Your life is filled with a million things to keep track of from open house dates to what paperwork needs to be completed on a pending deal. Why should you, as a real estate agent or broker want to add a real estate web design decisions to that mix? Well, the reality is that there are plenty of good reasons you want to have your own real estate web design and with some solid real estate SEO to make it work, in addition to that page you have on the company site.

Using the Billboard Effect in real estate web design

A recent study by Columbia School of Business showed that when home buyers are looking for their next home purchase, 90% of them begin their search on the web. What is even more important is that they are more comfortable and more likely to start a relationship with an agent who has their own real estate web designed site then with one that is part of a bigger real estate group such as ReMax. They may be willing to find that agent on the big site, but ultimately will prefer to make the contact on a personal real estate web designed site, especially if it gives them lots of local information. Marketing calls this the billboard effect and it is prevalent in industries like real estate where bigger real estate web design conglomerate sites dominate the landscape.

So if your own real estate web design is the best bet for establishing a rapport with potential home buyers, why should you care about real estate SEO for your website? After all, you are thinking that they will find you through your larger billboard site. But just like in the “real world” you want those buyers to come from multiple places, as many in fact as you can find. There are plenty of home buyers who are using keywords to search for realtors in their area. You want to capture those home buyers as well as the ones that visit that billboard site. Do you know what those real estate SEO keywords are and how to make your site the one they find?

Some Real Estate SEO Facts

The truth is that unless you really are someone who knows and understands real estate SEO and real estate web design, you are going to have a hard time getting your site to rank for your keywords. Here is why you want to rank. Let’s say you sell real estate in Atlanta so you want anyone who uses the search term “Real Estate in Atlanta” to find your site. If your real estate web design is ranked in the top three sites for that phrase, almost 80% of the people searching for that term will click on your site. But if you rank just a few more down, to tenth on the term only 4% will click on your site. It’s easy to see why you want to your real estate web design to rank first.
That is because most people won’t even bother to scroll down to find you, let alone click on your site when it shows up on Google or some other search engine. That is why more than ever, when it comes to the web and real estate SEO it really does matter if you are first.

Creating Organic Real Estate SEO

Of course, you could get lots of ranking by buying ads that point to your site or cramming your site with the keywords you want to rank for. This will hurt your overall real estate web design appeal and your site will not read well so anyone who lands on it will not stay. You have stumbled on these sites and recognize them instantly for what they are, so will the home buyers looking for listings.  In fact, getting a high ranking but not enough hits converting into sales is a sign that your site is not really optimized with organic SEO and that is the kind that Google loves for good reason.

Organic back links and keywords are the kind of real estate SEO that occur naturally in a site and read like they belong on the site. Google has gotten very sophisticated with the robots they send out to read sites. They now know if your site has organic keywords or not, and will often penalize a site that just crams their pages with keywords instead of having them show up organically where they belong.

So when you are looking at that new real estate web design and are considering what kind of real estate SEO it is going to need to rank, remember that even the best of us get tempted to cram. Choose your words carefully, be prepared to sacrifice a little of the SEO “juice” in order to get those real estate SEO words working for you organically. In the end, you will have a real estate web design that helps you to rank your site higher and read better to give you the ROI you need.


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