The Real Internet Marketing Advantage-Affordable Web Design

As a business owner, I know that there are difficult decisions to make all the time. It is especially tempting when it comes to budget to overlook your marketing budget. Whether you try to do it yourself or you try to or you try to find the cheapest resource to handle your marketing requirements, you are not building a strong foundation for continued growth.

This is especially true for internet marketing. I can’t tell you the number of times that someone has told me that their “brother/son/college roommate/the eighteen year old across the street” does websites. I can’t emphasize enough that you get what you pay for. If you don’t at least try to set a reasonable marketing budget and use most of it on internet marketing, your company will be left behind. Consider that as we speak, 46% of us are online searching for goods or services month and 70% of these people will use their smartphone to search for a product or service that will result in their taking an action (find the store, make a purchase, recommend to a friend) in less than 1 hour.

There is so much more to a website than what an amateur web designer could design. While your site might look reasonably attractive on a Go-Daddy hosted site, it most likely is not going to be functional. There are structures that need to be put into place to make sure that Google and other search engines will find your site. More importantly, your website is the first impression that your business will make with a customer. If they can find your site and there are errors or worse still security vulnerabilities you never will convert that lead into a customer.

Much like your expertise or passion lead you into the business that you are in, a professional internet marketing firm offers the knowledge and perspective that will help you continually grow your business by attracting customers. If you try to go the cheap route, you will end up paying for it later when you’ve lost that customer, your account gets blocked because of bad SEO practices, or you finally go to a professional to fix the problems that resulted from the shortcut.

I know that I work for an internet marketing company, but I am passionate about seeing our customers use the internet to their advantage. If you have questions or disagree, please let me know. Paveya provides affordable web design services.


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