What I Learned This Week: Writing for Google

It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.  – Alice in Wonderland

I have a background in business development and software marketing so conceptually I am very familiar with Paveya’s products and services and their potential customers. That’s the stuff of traditional marketing.

Here’s what changed (big gasp here)… marketing on the internet. What I’ve discovered is that the way to write for the Internet would make Mr. Stunk & Mr. White roll over in their graves. It not that you aren’t trying to communicate effectively and concisely using all the wonderful rules we learned in school. You still are… it’s just that you aren’t writing for your high school English teacher anymore. You are writing for Google.

Here’s the thing, Google answers more than 1 billion search queries every day. They keep us happy and continue to make us happy by continually updating and providing the most relevant and specific answers to our searches. This means that you often have to think like Google when generating your web content. For example, the order of words may be changed to increase their prominence on a page or you may find yourself intentionally writing an convoluted sentence in order to insert your “key words”.

This is the reality of how you must write to make sure that your website or blog is found by the audience you would like to have. As an internet writer, your key words are “specific, relevant, and high quality information” so that your buyer or reader will find you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technical approach to getting higher rankings. It’s a complicated topic that you will need a technical resource to help you implement your SEO strategy. The reality is that the game changes in SEO all the time, so you may be better off having this effort managed by team of SEO specialists.

The Paveya team of SEO specialists spends all their time analyzing web content and trends and making dynamic adjustments for our customers. It is fascinating. Let me know if you’d like for us to talk to you about SEO.


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