Improving your Small Business Website Design

A great way to increase your advertising presence online is to improve your small business website design. Creating a website that is well-organized and includes high quality information will help you make contact with new customers and increase the loyalty of your existing customer base. Small business internet marketing online can also help you provide your customers with up-to-date information on promotions you have going, new products you have available or new locations you may be opening. You want to use your webpage to create an ongoing relationship with your customers, so promoting yourself with the right information is key.

small business website designLet Your Customers Get to Know You

People want to shop at businesses they feel they can trust. While it is important to use your website as a promotional tool, you also want to use this as a tool to let your customers get a feel for your personality. Dedicate some space to letting your customers get to know your employees. This is an especially important detail for those that are creating a small business website design for a business that will handle a customer’s personal details such as a tax or accounting firms. People want to feel comfortable with these experts before they hand over very personal financial details. An accounting firm that updated their webpage with high quality personal pages for each of their accountants received several dozen hits on their page in the following weeks, several of which became repeat customers. Keep in mind that, while you want to remain personable and friendly to your customers, you will need to stay professional.


Outfitting your small business website design with a blog can also help you draw in new customers. This will give you a place to discuss any promotions or changes you are applying to your business. You can also use this area to discuss current events and how your business can help customers address these issues. The aforementioned accounting firm has been using their blog to discuss tips that can save small businesses money as new tax rules take effect, which is helping their webpage stay relevant. When blogging, use long tail keywords so that search engines can “crawl” your page and rank your articles higher in searches. Creating a blog is not only a tool to use when maintaining relationships with your clients, it is also a great way to gain more traffic and leads via search engines.

Don’t Ignore the Rest of Your Webpage

Many businesses focus a majority of their small business website design on creating a high quality front page. While this page will be your first impression with your readers, you want to make sure that every page on your website is treated with the same level of care. Otherwise your customers can get lost trying to navigate from page to page. Create high quality toolbar that will allow readers to access every portion of your webpage no matter what page they are currently browsing. You can also include links to other relevant pages throughout your website to encourage readers to continue browsing through your page.

In addition to creating high quality SEO content and advertising copy, you want to create an appealing design for each webpage. Create a small business website design that includes high quality images of your office, your employees or your products on each relevant page. Caption these pictures with any relevant information so customers can get a feel for what your business has to offer.

Do you have questions about the other important components of small business website design? You don’t have to do this alone… send us your questions at and we will help. Let’s grow!


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