Keys for Successful Attorney SEO & Website Design

Attorneys are well known for billboard ads and late night television commercials, but the key today for a successful practice is good attorney SEO practices. Building a website is never enough to have a successful online presence. It is important for attorneys to understand the value of creating a custom website that helps increase clients through interaction and building trust.

The primary key to successful attorney SEO is understanding how potential clients are trying to find you online. At Paveya, we are trained in searching for the best possible keywords and incorporate them in our attorney website design, ensuring that your practice will outrank your competition. We can take the time to find out if people in your community are more likely to search for “attorney” vs “lawyer” or any combination of keywords that your specific demographic and geographical local may use. Knowing these small differences improves attorney SEO by allowing your website to appear higher in search engine rankings than the competition. But ranking alone isn’t enough for proper attorney website design.

One of the best tips for high quality attorney website design is offering a free service on the site. The most popular way to increase attorney SEO is to include a blog, or a way for potential clients to reach out to you. Studies have shown that 49% of potential clients would consult a lawyer that allows questions to be posted on their website. Setting up a basic blog that allows comments or using a message board on your website is not only effective attorney SEO, but good customer service. The web design experts at Paveya can help guide you through this process so you can easily interact with people who have legal questions.

A professional custom website is essential for building trust online. There are news reports all over the country about fake legal websites, so ensuring your attorney website design is high quality is very important. Creative, custom and well managed attorney website design will make your practice look credible online, increasing attorney SEO and the chance that you will be contacted by someone in need.

At Paveya we understand that spending the time to research and implement all the necessary steps for attorney website design may be too taxing and time-consuming for a busy attorney on the go. We have a team of experts dedicated to assisting attorneys with the tools they need to take their practice to the next level. Contact Paveya and we will help your attorney SEO and help your practice achieve its full potential.


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