Working with a Mobile Marketing Agency to Improve Your Web Design

Mobile marketing agencies can help you stay in constant contact with your customers, whether they are at home or on the go. More than 80% of us have mobile devices and 70% of us use our mobile device to search for a product or search. Studies have found that these searches result in fast action – within an hour we have usually found a store, made a purchase or made a recommendation to a friend. That’s powerful.

If you want to keep in contact with these people, you want to make sure your webpage can easily be accessed by a mobile device. If your site does not load properly or looks awkward on a smaller screen size people are not going to bother trying to read your webpage. They will simply move on to another company that provides the information they need. Avoid losing out on this  potential business by adjusting your programming to meet mobile needs. A minimal investment in the right mobile site can mean significant gains for your business.

Working with Mobile Marketing Agencies to Improve your Web Design generates leads!

Tweaking Your Webpage

In most cases, all you need to do to create a mobile webpage is adjust the existing design. Mobile marketing agencies can quickly and easily help you develop an effective mobile website so it can adjust in size based on what type of device is accessing the page. Different computing devices give off different IP addresses. A webpage designed for a mobile device will be able to detect these differences and will adjust the way the page is viewed to match. This will prevent your audience from having to zoom in to read the text on your page or scroll back and forth to see all the elements in your design.

Companies with older webpages are more susceptible to needing these changes. Older web design was created with less programming and detail, which will require an upgrade. Businesses that are hoping to draw in new customers do not want to have a page that makes them look like they are stuck in the past. Many mobile marketing agencies advise their clients to upgrade their webpage every few years to give their page a fresh look and to augment architecture and security changes.

For example, a small “mom and pop” grocery store took this approach when they started selling upscale and organic foods. When they changed their web design to have a more upscale feel and invested in a mobile website, they noticed a distinct difference in the type of customers they received. Customers actually drove in from neighboring communities because their store had a reputation for providing high quality merchandise.

Adjusting Your Pages

Loading several pages on a desktop or laptop computer is not a big deal, but a good mobile marketing agency will tell you to streamline your content. Most people browsing the web on a mobile device are off doing something else while they perform their search. This means you will need to capture their attention quickly before they get back to what they were doing before.

In order to ensure that your customers can rely on your webpage, mobile marketing agencies advise that their customers provide the essential information only. This will allow your customers to quickly access the information they were looking for without having to spend several minutes digging around for an answer. List your business hours, specials, location and phone number to encourage easy browsing. Also, make sure your navigation buttons are big enough for touch capability.

Do you need a mobile website for your business? Paveya is here to help you continually grow your business. Please contact us at for a proposal for your mobile website.


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