Advice goes Nationwide– Inbound Marketing Tips for Small Business

Recently, our very own Claiborne Yarbrough was interviewed on In this informative Q&A, Yarbrough, who is the business development manager for the Paveya team, doles out expert advice on how to perfect your internet marketing as a business. Here at Paveya, an inbound marketing agency for small business, we promote these same fine-tuned methods among ourselves and our clients. We use them because they work. Yarbrough, one of the Paveya masterminds, has implemented her own tips when helping our clients. Read on to see how we have helped some of our own clients using some of Yarbrough’s best tips.

When asked about best practices for small business internet marketing, Yarbrough answered: “Build a strong foundation for continued growth by working with a professional marketing agency that will understand your goals for your business — that tells you how to construct the website.”

The inbound marketing for small business professionals at Paveya kept this in mind when working with Crew Cutters.  The professional landscaping and lawn care service based in the Outer Banks wanted to differentiate themselves from other landscaping companies in a competitive vacation rental market. To do this they had to analyze their previous website to decide if it was working as best as possible for their ideal customers. Then, with a professionally designed logo and clean website design their internet marketing stage was set.

Yarbrough also notes that including a blog and being realistic are two best practices when building an effective website for small business. We took this top notch advice when mapping out a plan for Crew Cutters. After applying ongoing SEO and blogs and videos, they have since enjoyed top search engine ranking in their market. This has increased their leads and customers, including lucrative government contracts.

Another Paveya client, Buy Local Currituck, has followed best practices when blogging. According to Yarbrough, “You must write the blog. If you are passionate to start a small business then you have a great story that makes you different from everyone else.” Currituck County knows that it’s important to continually bring focus to their Buy Local Initiative. A key element of this is a blog with updated content about their local merchants, the latest on contests that reward local spending and other key information. They also realize that over time the blog’s content will be a resource for both local residents and the thousands of visitors that pass through the county each year.

Kelly’s Restaurant and Tavern took our business developer’s advice on social networking: “Make sure you leverage your social channels to drive leads and traffic to your website.” A beloved dining and nightclub institution on the Outer Banks of North Carolina for 28 years, Kelly’s wanted to make sure that ongoing branding and community building was on their social media menu. With additional channels added (Pinterest for food and recipes is a must), Kelly’s has started to have fun with contests that drive ongoing engagement and referrals. It all adds up to a great business practice.

From the success of our clients, you can see that the professionals here at Paveya practice what they preach. We are an inbound marketing agency for small business with long standing experience in real estate, vacation rentals, hospitality, financial services and retail businesses. Our professionals help businesses implement best practices when it comes to inbound marketing for small business.


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