Innovative Church Website Design- A Friend to All

No matter the size of your church, the positive effects of creative church website design trickles down to many. WordPress is a method of managing content online.  While state-of-the-art, this user-friendly platform provides even those without substantial training to edit sites whenever the mood strikes.  Custom designs, photos, tools, multiple pages and more can be integrated to such sites.  All of these features provide information to both church family members as well as those looking for new houses of worship.  Include call to action language encouraging users to register, contact and attend to increase membership.  Set your church apart by serving the needs of your current and future members, putting your organization in a whole new light.  

One of the main reasons for creating a church website is to give back to loyal members.  Even when they’re not in the sanctuary, faithful churchgoers can stay connected with a one-stop resource website.  Members can dive into ministries they may have heard about during services.  They can sign up for classes and programs to deepen their spiritual relationships.  Post what’s new in the church or with those in the church family through blogs, videos, photo galleries and news pages.  Devote a page to a specific project so members can follow the status of any new building under construction.  Alert the congregation about volunteer opportunities so interested parties can sign up online.  Even tithing can be done through a church website.

A church can never have too many active members; a WordPress website is an optimal vehicle to get your take on the Good Book out into the world.  Visitors can read about your history, founding principles and beliefs.  They can learn about your vision, goals and mission.  They can also read profiles that describe the pastoral staff to find out what they bring to the table.  Calendars show what services take place, when to bring the kids and where to meet.  The call to action technique can be particularly effective for future members; they are asked to join in, check out activities and told how to become a part of this church family. 

Your congregation will appreciate being able to get all the information they need through a convenient website. Not only that, but potential visitors will be able to search for your church on the internet and research your church and its services to better decide if the church is a good fit for them. A well-designed church website provides your congregation and potential visitors with virtually all of the information that they will need about your church. The information is easy to update with WordPress, and the content should all be timely and up to date for your readers. When you add social media buttons on your website, you can also encourage interaction between members and potential visitors. Try and start conversations via your website as well as on the blog, as well as on social media to engage and pique the interest of visitors and potential members alike.

The beauty of having a low-maintenance website is that it is a cost-effective way for churches to promote themselves.  Instead of having to continually hire pricey Web professionals, most maintenance can be done in-house.  The ease of WordPress allows personnel and/or volunteers to update the church website as often as they choose, keeping everyone up to speed with the latest happenings.  Post blog entries, press releases, mission details, event announcements, relevant articles and tips for living with grace.  Don’t leave anyone in the dark!  Be the bright shining light with an inspired church website design, and invite others to worship with you.

Need some help? We are here to help you grow. Contact us at or call us at 855.372.8392.


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