What is E-Commerce Web Design?

Over the past few years, companies of all industries have turned to e-commerce web design strategies and best practices to create new purchasing options for customers while expanding into alternative markets. The recent economic downturn may have halted efforts to open physical storefronts in various regions, but it has not hindered the rapid adoption of online stores and ecommerce internet marketing strategies by businesses of varying sizes. But what is eCommerce?

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As small business owners or marketing managers are not typically well-versed in the best of breed architectural requirement to create a successful e-commerce website design, most companies opt to work with professional digital service providers. While third party experts have the skills and experience to lead an e-commerce web design project, it is still important for business owners to understand the essential components to an online store and digital payment gateway so they are as comfortable with online business transactions as they would be with in-store activities.

Focus on Feel

Business owners working with e-commerce website design professionals should relay not only what the company offers to consumers, but who the target audience is. E-commerce website design strategies must take into account the characteristics of an ideal shopper to appeal to certain online purchasing behaviors, as well as create a strong image for the company on the internet. If the e-commerce web design comes off as professional and sophisticated, creating an easy and enjoyable experience for the shopper, consumers are more likely to make repeat purchases with the company in the future.
Once the basic feel of the e-commerce website design has been translated to third party providers, business owners or marketing teams can start discussing what type of layout and templates should be used throughout all the pages. It is important for e-commerce web design projects to create a consistent experience throughout the stages of an online purchase for the customer. The templates selected by the business should not vary from page to page too much, or else the shopper may get confused and potentially abandon a shopping cart.

Keep your search bar in plain view for customers who want to easily be able to find a specific product. Most people come to an ecommerce website with a product already in mind. Don’t keep them searching through pages and pages of content when they know what they want! Also, make sure that when customers are browsing, let them define and re-define their options to keep their search customized to them. If certain products are out of stock, keep your customer in the know! Nothing is worse than having a customer order a product, only to find that it is out of stock. You will be dealing with an angry customer when you have to contact them with the bad news.

When customers come to your site, they do not want to wait forever for pages with a large amount of heavy content to load. Your pages should be quick to load and simple for buyers to read. Keep them engaged!

For a good quality web design you will want to use only the best quality photos! Shopping on the internet is extremely convenient for shoppers, but this loses its appeal when they cannot distinguish what a certain product looks like. Keep your web design professional and high quality.

Consistent templates also allow for easy navigation between pages to enhance the customer experience and satisfaction level. As ecommerce transactions are designed to offer optimal convenience for the customer, it is only natural that the navigation tools be simple and comprehensive as well for an effortless and fluid process from start to finish.

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