Tips for Proper Vacation Rental SEO

Vacation rental SEO is one of the most important aspects of vacation rental web design today. As more potential guests research properties online before booking, making sure that your vacation rental company ranks at the top of the list is key to growing a successful business in today’s competitive market. Almost eight in every 10 web search comes from Google and their recent changes reward original content. By taking necessary and proper steps in vacation rental web design your vacation rental company can ensure that your rentals are booked all year long.

One of the main negative elements that hurts vacation rental SEO is duplicate content. Many vacation rental companies share their listings with several distribution channels which can create the same content and hurt the overall vacation rental SEO. One way to fix this is to create different content for the listings on the vacation rental company’s main website. Including unique descriptions in vacation rental web design will help to limit the duplicate content and keep vacation rental SEO in tact. This may take a bit longer but the benefits you will reap by changing up the content will pay off in the long term.

Increasing your social media presence is another way to improve vacation rental SEO. Posting on Google+ is necessary for vacation rental SEO because Google is taking steps to index Google+ posts quickly. Additionally using the +1 function on Google+ is important for vacation rental SEO, as is attracting more Facebook likes and shares. It is also important to submit your business to online business directories, especially maps like Google Maps, Yahoo Maps and Bing maps. Typically map pages show up very high in search results so ensuring that your vacation rental company is indexed will help vacation rental SEO. You will also want to submit your vacation rental company to review sites such as Yelp. This way, past clients can post reviews about your services. Keep in mind that you will want to reply to both the positive and negative reviews in a proper fashion. The key for social media marketing is to understand is that participation in social media is no longer a secondary option. Social media marketing is just as important as vacation rental web design.

Knowing how potential guests are trying to find your rentals is another key in vacation rental SEO. Including proper keywords in your vacation rental web design will greatly improve vacation rental SEO. Doing some basic research through Google to find how what keywords people are using to research vacation rentals in your area will go a long way in helping improve vacation rental SEO. When using keywords to improve SEO, it would be a good idea to use more location specific keywords instead of trying to reach too broad of an area. For example, istead of trying to rank for “North Carolina Rentals,” try “Duck Oceanfront rentals” or “Corolla vacation rentals.” The difficulty for these keywords will be less than those of more broader terms. Incorporating keywords into your SEO campaign will require a bit of research, but once your vacation rental company is appearing on the first page of search results you will notice how the little bit of added work was worth it!

Breaking down vacation rental SEO to its most basic element is content. The better the content and the more original content that exists across a multitude of platforms will ensure high rankings on Google and other search engine sites. While vacation rental web design is always the most important step in vacation rental SEO, social media, blogs and other elements should be included in your overall marketing plan.


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