Real Estate Internet Marketing: How ZMOT Changed Everything

If you’ve never heard the term “ZMOT” before, chances are you could whip out your smart phone and find the definition quite easily. This is ironic, because ZMOT has to do with just that. See, “ZMOT” is a term coined by Google—an acronym—meaning “Zero Moment of Truth.” It explains why the shopping/buying process has changed and is never going back to the way it was. There is this new generation of empowered buyers; consumers who now have the resources to easily research a product, via the internet, all without ever looking up from their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Big News:

When the National Association of Realtors and Google teamed up for a joint study, they found that 90 percent of home buyers searched online during their home buying process in the last year, and for over half of home buyers, searching the internet was the first step!  The internet is a BIG source for home buyers, and its only getting bigger: Over the past four years alone, real estate related searches grew 253 percent on Google. Wow.

So what can realtors do?

Know the Importance of Local Search

Over half of home shoppers who took an action on a real estate brand website began their research with a local term. It is important to remember that you are not trying to reach everyone. Especially with real estate internet marketing, you have to implement methods for local SEO. If you have that specific niche, not only will your level of competition be lower, it will be easier for the ideal buyer to find you.

Utilize videos!

Since home buyers are making snap judgements about your company and properties before even checking them out in person, use this to your advantage by bringing the experience to them in video form. Busy home buyers will certainly appreciate the convenience. Creating a video is easier than ever with your smartphone. Check out the trendy new app Vine for ideas.

Here are several reasons that home buyers watch real estate videos: 86% of home buyers watch videos to find out more about a specific community 70% tour the inside of a home 54% obtain general information 44% compare features across multiple companies 38% understand specific features 30% watch customer testimonials

**Keep in mind that YouTube is the top video research destination**

ZMOT can help you with your Real Estate LeadsKnow your Audience

Nearly a third of all home shoppers who take action on a real estate site are aged 25-24, followed by 21% aged 35-44. The role of age and gender in driving real estate decision making in the market is constantly changing. Don’t think for a second that older generations haven’t caught on to this internet craze— 75% of senior home buyers do go online to search for homes.

Budget Accordingly

You may think that you don’t have the budget to enhance your online presence, but, while it may be costly, it is worth it. Take a second look at your budget. Here’s an interesting fact to consider: For 95% of home buyers, television and billboard ads rarely or do not at all play a role in their research or the decision making process. Use your money where it matters most. Real estate internet marketing trends have proven, year after year, that it is crucial for realtors to have an engaging and professional presence online. Internet marketing is only becoming more significant. With so many home buyers surfing the web first, it’s essential that your real estate internet marketing techniques are top notch. New home shoppers are out there, right now, online and searching not one, not two, but three websites prior to taking action on a real estate site. Make sure that yours is the one that makes them sit up and take notice. Do you have a website that leverages ZMOT? If you need help, let a full service Internet Marketing company like Paveya help you reach your buyers and sellers. Let’s grow! Reach us  at grow@paveyacom


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