Affordable SEO Services for Small Business

Trying to market your small business in a sea full of corporations may seem like an uphill battle at times. Unfortunately, even on the internet your small business may have a hard time staying afloat and maintaining a presence. It would be wise to invest in affordable SEO services for your small business to participate in a competitive corporate world. When it comes to marketing, the pay-off for quality SEO services is endless. If you aren’t already using affordable SEO services for small business, then it could be difficult to get your brand name and company “popping up” in search engines. If your business does not appear “above the fold,” or on the first page of search results, then there is little chance your targeted audience will ever arrive at your webpage. Affordable SEO services for small business can optimize your webpage by using several different tactics.  affordable-seo-for-small-business


One thing that any company providing quality affordable SEO services for small businesses will tell you is to create content. More specifically, they will tell you to blog. We know that not everyone is a writer, so this can seem daunting at first. But creating interesting content for small businesses can actually be pretty easy after you get started. Companies that blog have 55% more visits to their website, so brace yourself for an influx of visitors! For inspiration, here are several creative ideas to get you started.


  1. Lists. They are quite simple to write. They can be entertaining or informative and the content is easy to digest. They are also visually pleasing and will look easier to read than a huge block of text.
  2. Photos. You should always include some type of photo in your blog, but why not make the photo the main focus? If you own a restaurant, post a quality photo of a new entrée that you want your viewers to get excited about. If it’s a hot day, post a photo of a cool, tropical drink to entice people to come in. Photos humanize a business and add that personal touch that everyone is looking for.
  3. Videos. In addition to photos, videos are another great way to connect with your customers. Although making your own video would be best, you can also share videos that others have made that are relevant to your small business.
  4. How-To Guides. This could be a fun way to educate your readers while entertaining them at the same time. If you own a vineyard, a fun how-to guide on tasting wine might encourage people to come out and use what they learned!
  5. Share your story. This one is great for small businesses because the story of how your business came to be is a unique one that your audience will want to hear. It will personalize your business and your viewers can better relate to you.
  6. Guest blogging. If you know of other people in your industry who are blogging, suggest that they post a blog on your site and vice versa. This is a great way to get diverse content from a variety of viewers and is a cool way to cross-advertise.
  7. Contests. Engage your viewers even more by offering fun monthly or weekly contests. Whether it’s a photo contest or a social media contest, people will love to be engaged and involved with your business. Explain the contest rules through a blog post and promote via social media.


Once you’re got a few ideas to blog about, you’re well on your way. Creating content is the fun and creative side of SEO, but you may find that you need help with the technical side of it. Talk to a company that provides affordable SEO services for small business and they will help you optimize your content to establish your company’s presence on the web.



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