Inbound Marketing for Attorneys: Local Search

Can you remember the last time that you lugged out the old Yellow or White pages to look up people or businesses in your area? Yeah, I can’t either. The practice of using these directories to find who or what we want has become a long lost art. Online local searches have become the most widely used method for finding services from a local business. Attorneys are quite often a local service and could benefit greatly from investing their time in setting up their local search listing on different websites. This local search strategy is a key tool for inbound marketing for attorneys.inbound-marketing-for-attor


When you combine careful local search marketing with a developed organic SEO strategy, your firm will be highly successful when attracting new viewers and potential clients. Most users will turn to search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo to find an attorney and these search engines will display mapped listings that are relevant to the keywords in addition to the organic results. Stand out from your competition and put your business at the forefront of local search by utilizing this best practice for inbound marketing for attorneys. Why should you get started on Google Places, one of the most popular local search engines? Allow me to list the ways:


  1. Google Places for business is completely free. This is great for two reasons. For one, its free and we all love free things. And two, Google doesn’t accept payment to include particular listings or sites in their search results, which means all law firms or attorneys are given an equal opportunity to show up in search engines! This is great for small law firms who need a fighting chance in showing up through searches. 
  2. When you are on Google, it allows other people to find, share, rate and recommend your services to their friends and people all across the web. This is especially important for attorneys because your past clients can recommend your services based on the quality of services that you had provided them.  People tend to trust the reviews of people that they know personally and so this is a significant tool for inbound marketing for attorneys.
  3. Google Places will also let you respond to any of the reviews that your clients post. It is so essential that you keep an eye out on these reviews. For inbound marketing for attorneys, its always important to keep the lines of communication open. Showing both your previous and potential clients that you are willing to listen and accept criticism, shows them that, as a professional, you are constantly working to improve your services. Make sure that these responses are timely, friendly and professional. 
  4. Once you are done setting up your firm’s account on Google Places, you can then decide to add photos, update your address and hours or promote your business with ads. With attorneys, adding photos can be a great way to make your firm stick out from the rest by adding a personal and relatable touch. 

When looking into strategies for inbound marketing for attorneys, setting up a local search should definitely be top priority. It will help those people in your area more easily find you when searching on various search engines. Set up your local search on Google, Bing, Yelp and Yahoo to ensure that your business has a presence on all the top search engines. If you need help, contact your local expert on inbound marketing for attorneys and they’ll get you popping up on local searches in no time. Need some help? We are here to help you grow. Contact us at or call us at 855.372.8392.


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