Inbound Marketing Tips for Professionals: Social Media

When it comes to marketing, it’s simple: Outbound marketing is now “out” and inbound marketing is “in.” For some strange reason, some businesses are still stuck concentrating their efforts on outbound marketing when they should be focusing the majority of their efforts on the newer, hipper strategies of inbound marketing. inbound-marketing-for-professionals

With outbound marketing, frustrated consumers are figuring out more and more ways to block out invasive advertising, such as screening their calls via caller ID and filtering their email with spam filters. So, instead of chasing after customers and bombarding them with requests that will ultimately be ignored, we’re now letting them find us. Inbound marketing for professionals involves a different strategy than that of, say, a large business. Follow these tips targeted specifically for the social media aspect of inbound marketing for professionals and allow your targeted audience to come to you!

  1. Instigate a conversation. One of the differences between inbound and outbound marketing is that inbound marketing is not always about you! Surprisingly enough, talking about things other the then the services that you provide them can actually bring in business. Now, this doesn’t mean you should post personal photos or share a story about something completely unrelated—post industry specific news that is relevant to your ideal audience. Take out the lingo of your industry and put it into plain English for everyone to understand. Ask a question as simple as, “What do you think about that?” to encourage a conversation between you and your potential customers.
  2. Your content can and should be your ad. You need to have relevant content on your webpage. This can be in the forms of a blog, photos, videos, etc. Take that content and share it with your followers via all forms of social media. Add a little blurb when posting to inform viewers what the content on your webpage is about to encourage clicks. This is a great way to connect with your followers and, if the content is valuable, your followers may share it with their own connections. Thus, free advertising.
  3. Listen! Social media is a two way street. While you should be constantly creating content for the enjoyment and education of your viewers, feel free to learn a thing from them too! Especially if a customer contacts you or connects with you directly offering feedback or a review of your services, you need to listen to what people are saying. When you show your customers that you are listening to their thoughts and ideas, you are showing them that, as a professional, you are willing to accept criticism and grow from it. Inbound marketing for professionals means keeping those lines of communication wide open!
  4. Show your personality. This one can be a little tricky, depending on your profession. While you should always, always keep your social media postings appropriate, smart and thoughtful, they do not always have to be 100% formal and robo. Proceed with caution (again, it depends on your industry) but you can show off your personality and unique voice when sharing on social media sites. Get out there and relate with your customers.

Using social media for inbound marketing for professionals should be an enjoyable learning experience. Take the time to analyze the effects of your efforts and figure out what works for your audience and what doesn’t. Use the tools that technology has given us to connect directly with your customers and make yourself, as a professional, more relatable and personable. When it comes to social media, the possibilities of inbound marketing tips for professionals are endless. For more advice, talk to a company that specializes in social media and inbound marketing for professionals. 


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