Real Estate SEO: Blog Tips

One of the biggest and best things that a real estate company can do to improve their real estate SEO is to blog. Blogging is crucial for increasing your page visits and encouraging the interaction of your internet users. Blogs provide fresh new content that is relevant to your targeted audience and is a great way to use keyword rich content that is sure to boost your real estate SEO. Read more for real estate SEO blogging tips!

Being a blogger myself, I know that it can be tough some days to think of fresh new content. Honestly, the hard part about blogging is the process of coming up with a grand new idea every day, but once you have that, the blogs come easily! Thankfully, I’m here to help you with your real estate SEO. I’ve compiled a list of potential blog topics that will increase the traffic to your site by utilizing excellent real estate SEO.


The first is a no-brainer. Of course you will want to post about properties that are available! These will promote both the listing and the listing agent and will also encourage potential home buyers to come out and see more of the home. Post quality photos and write a detailed description of the property to entice the potential buyer. While you may be posting these listings in shorthand on other sites, it’s okay to post a more detailed description of the house on your blogs. People love seeing photos of beautiful new homes so use this to your advantage for real estate SEO.

The Market:

Keep your readers informed about how the real estate market is doing. Talk about the day-to-day market realities and the effects of local trends. Share experiences with past clients and post a story every now and again. As a realtor, you know that national statistics may not always apply the same way on a local level. Keep those potential buyers in the loop by giving them information on the market.


Share information about the community surrounding featured homes. Look at how community decisions affect the economic health of a neighborhood and how those would affect future buyers. What types of events happen in the community? Where are the best schools? How close are the best grocery stores and shopping malls?

Home designs/ Model Tours/ Before & After:

Share floor plans, different options for model homes, possible upgrades or adjustments. For new homes, post photos of the construction and before and after’s to keep potential buyers interested. Virtual tours of model homes are great too for real estate SEO.

Community Lifestyle:

When you feature particular homes, share a little bit about the community that surrounds them. Are they primarily families or singles? Retired or young professionals? Keep potential home buyers informed of what properties would be better suited to their lifestyle.

Former Home Buyers/Guest Blogging:

If you had an extremely excited and satisfied past client (and you should have several to choose from!) consider asking them if they want to be featured on a guest blog. If a family is settled and happy in their new home, share their story with the world. You could even use video to share the stories of past clients to mix up your real estate SEO.

At first, it will seem like hard work to start a blog. But build up your discipline and know that your goal is to have them be well-written, interesting, informative and visually pleasing. Once you get rolling, blogging will get easier and should be a fun experience for both you and your readers. You may not see the effect of blogging on real estate SEO at first, but once you start posting fresh content on the regular, potential home buyers will come flocking to your website. For more tips on how to boost your website’s rankings, talk to your real estate SEO experts.


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