Create the WORST Real Estate Website- Tips for Realtor Web Design

A real estate agent’s website is a great extension of any inbound marketing approach. A high quality website can serve as an excellent marketing tool because it is available to potential clients 24/7, 365 days a year. And they can (hopefully) stumble upon it themselves! Think about it: You have pages among pages of relevant information and content just hanging out online, working for you constantly, without you ever having to raise a finger. Of course, your website must be setup and tended to, quite often in fact, but the benefits it can reap are endless.

On the flip side, if you don’t know what you’re doing, real estate agent websites can also wreak havoc on your reputation– recent studies suggest that 95% of buyers and sellers begin their real estate search on the internet. Without a plan for your internet marketing, you could potentially be losing clients, well, 24/7, 365 days a year. And I’m here to tell you how to do just that.

real estate, agent website, Announcing the top 4 Ways to Create a Negative Image, Lose Clients, Confuse Buyers and Have the WORST Real Estate Agent Website Ever:

Camouflage your contact information

When creating the worst real estate agent website in history, it is absolutely imperative to hide your contact information. Might as well make a game of it—keep your potential clients guessing as to how to reach you. Make your information as tiny as possible and make sure to hide that contact form in some remote corner! Or, make them fill out a really long form with lots of required questions. In fact, if you really want to aggravate your customers, throw out that contact information all together. Let them work for it.

Delete your blog

Who needs content? Again, keep them guessing about what you offer, why you are good at what you do and why they should choose you. Take all those pages of significant content that you spent hours writing and throw them out completely. Relevant material on properties, the real estate market, how-to guides and community information? Only the best real estate agent websites would waste their time on that type content. If you want to bore your clients and customers completely, make sure those blogs are gone for good. Note: If you do insist on having a blog, use only the most mind-numbing, repetitive information possible. The older it is the better. That’ll turn your customers away for sure!

Forget about Social Media

No one uses Facebook anymore and I’m pretty sure no one even knows what “Twitter” means. Don’t waste your time being on social media sites that will probably become ancient history in the next week or so. To create the worst real estate agent website ever, you won’t want to include any links to your social media sites. Why would customers or clients want to connect with you on a more personal or professional level? Leave that to the real estate agents who want to build their brand and provide personal advices and service.

Outdate your website

When potential clients arrive at your website, your job is to annoy them as quickly as possible. You can do this is by one of several ways. Perhaps you could add your personal favorite song, a scrolling marquee text,  obnoxious flashy buttons or post numerous blinking, or animated images. Remember, we’re creating the worst real estate agent website here, so no clean, simple pages with easy to understand navigation allowed. Use only the darkest backgrounds with an even darker text to really ruin your viewers’ eyesight. If you have a headshot from the early nineties, I would strongly recommend using it. If not, find your worst, most unprofessional photo from your Mardi Gras party and post that instead!

I would hope that it goes without saying, but I do not—I repeat, I do not— recommend these strategies. I’m not sure there is any scenario in which making the worst real estate agent website would be beneficial to anyone, unless there is some horrible website contest that I just haven’t heard about yet. I would suggest, however, that you do the opposite of what I have just told you. A well put-together, high quality and engaging real estate agent website can really work wonders for your inbound marketing. Like I said before, your website will be out there working 24/7, 365 days a year to promote you as a real estate agent. Just make sure you are promoting the right way.


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