Lawyer SEO: What to Avoid

Internet marketing has become a top priority for essentially any business or professional. When people want to research or find a particular product or service, the internet is usually their first stop. If your lawyer SEO is not up to par and your firm is continually not appearing above the fold of search results, you might as well be invisible. What was that? You object? Understandable. Unfortunately though, the strength of your presence on the internet has a pretty big impact on your marketing strategy. Lawyer SEO can make or break your firm’s success.

lawyer seo, what to avoidThe good news is that Google has caught on to sneaky firms and businesses that have been using cheap tactics to appear on that treasured first page. This gives the lawyers who have committed to quality lawyer SEO tactics the chance to appear on those first pages instead of the firms who utilize superficial SEO. So, for those lawyers who are concerned about boosting their page through relevant content, here are three things NOT to do.

Exchange Ineffective Links:

Link building is an important part of lawyer SEO, but there is a right and wrong way to do it. If you exchange links with a website that is completely unrelated to your own, you may gain a few more visitors to your site, but they won’t be your targeted audience and they’ll soon become disgruntled. This technique is not effective when the links that are both coming and going from your page are irrelevant to your viewers. For those who catch on to your evil plan (i.e. everyone) this will be a huge red flag and will steer people clear of your website.

Stuff with Keywords:

Yes, using keywords, especially long-tail keywords, is a fantastic way to guide people to your site. Search engines such as Google crawl over pages and pick out specific keywords to provide their users with more targeted results. So, when used in the right way, keywords are awesome—except when you “stuff” your content. Using a keyword repeatedly is unethical and will sound unnatural. When you use a keyword so many times that it becomes distracting, your content will lose its value. For example, I have used the words “lawyer SEO” a few times in this article because, to put it simply, that is the topic of this article. However, I’d also like to inform search engines as to what my content is about without sounding like a broken record. I’d like for the people who want to learn more about the topic to arrive here. Fair enough, right?

Copy Content/Swap Pages:

This is the really sneaky stuff. Some web developers have copied pages from websites with a high-ranking in order to boost their own. Once their ranking begins to improve, they swap out the “stolen” content for some of their own. That’s low. If you create your own content and make it engaging and valuable, people will come to your site. It’s as easy as that.

When you use only best practices when it comes to lawyer SEO, you should have no problem boosting your websites rankings. If you use unethical tactics, it is possible that you may receive some traffic at first. However, doing this will certainly harm you in the long run. It’s pretty easy for savvy internet users to distinguish the noble websites from all the scammers. Invest in a suitable internet marketing strategy and watch your page rankings soar. For more information, contact a company that specializes in lawyer SEO.


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