3 More Reasons to Blog for Vacation Rental SEO

Vacation Rental Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the ongoing effort to make sure that the almost 90% of internet users who rely on the internet for travel planning are going to find your vacation rental and book. What you might not know is how critical it is for a significant part of this effort to be writing content, and more specifically blogging. Any inbound marketer worth his or her salt would tell you that you absolutely MUST create and tend to a blog to drive customers to your site. A blog that is created and maintained correctly should be bringing the traffic that you want to your site. Blogs work by providing content that matches the specific searches that online customers will use to make their booking decisions.

vacation rental seoBesides bringing all that beneficial (and targeted) traffic to your site, we would like to offer some suggestions for other ways that blogging benefit a vacation rental company?

Be your own online concierge
Your blog can be working for you 24/7, 365 days a week as your company’s own personal (and unpaid) concierge. Your blog, however, can serve as a place for your vacation rental guests to go when they want to find out about the best local restaurants or about any events that are happening in the area.  Use your blog to point out the features of the rental home. These posts will also improve your vacation rental SEO when you utilize those phrases like “family-friendly events in _____” or “local restaurants in _______.”
Have an ongoing dialog with your target market
Blog comments provide a platform for your guests (past, present and potential) to easily contact you and leave their comments. This is a much more cost effective (i.e. free) and faster method that hoping that a guest survey card will be filled out or returned. Best of all, when guests leave a comment, you can receive and respond to it in real time, further reinforcing dialog and loyalty. It will provide a discussion that will clue you in to what your guests want, allowing you to improve accordingly. Think of a blog as an ongoing conversation you should be having with all of your ideal guests!
Post a blog to highlight a specific property or write about new features and amenities. People are visual creatures so always add photos. When a snowbound, potential visitor is online looking at your tropical home, they will be easily tempted by photos and details about a particularly beautiful vacation rental house. Your blog can serve as a free advertisement for your potential guests, and will be available to them 24/7. Make sure you include high quality and professional images and make sure that you optimize these photos to improve your vacation rental SEO.

Remember to post regularly to keep visitors engaged with interesting content. Communicate with your visitors to give your company a personal voice. Promote your blog offline and online to attract more visitors and give readers a way to subscribe to your blog via email. All of these are best practices when it comes to vacation rental SEO. Keep blogging and you’ll be sure to see an increase of targeted traffic to your website in no time at all!

If you would like more information about Search Engine Optimization for Vacation rentals and blogging, we offer an eBook about Blogging for Vacation Rentals.


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