All You Ever Needed to Know About Law Firm SEO

When law firms analyze their marketing plan, it is crucial that their inbound marketing strategy has a clear focus. One of the main areas that law firms should concentrate their marketing efforts on is their law firm SEO. Unfortunately, if a law firm’s website does not have strong SEO, there is little chance that potential clients will be arriving at their website, regardless of the quality of their services.

law firm seo

A website is a valuable tool for any business or industry. It is “open” 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, all year long, and can provide a multitude of services such as acquiring and attracting leads, providing your contact information, or educating your viewers on your various expertise and services. Optimize your website by concentrating on these 5 simple components:

1. Keywords. You will need to do a bit of background research to determine the types of keywords that will work best for your law firm SEO. There are several keyword tools, such as Google’s AdWords, that will let you explore different keywords, determine your competitors’ keywords and more. Look for keywords that have a low difficulty but still have a high volume of monthly searches. Unless you are a keyword expert or you have already established yourself as an authority in your field, it would be beneficial to look for keywords with a difficulty ranking that is at the very least below 70.

2. Content. Occurring most often as blog posts or articles, content is something that all websites need. Content is one of the best ways for your website to start ranking for specific keywords. These keywords will not only drive traffic to your site, but they will help drive more targeted traffic to your site, resulting in more clients and leads. Content will also educate your readers and will help to establish your law firm as an authority in your niche. The content you provide on your website should be relevant to your ideal audience and should not be focused solely on promoting your services. Write about related current events or educate your readers about some of the types of services that you provide. Anything goes that is relevant to your law firm and engaging to your readers.

3. Meta Tags and Images. Your Meta title tags and Meta description should both provide your readers, as well as search engines, with an idea of what that specific page of content is about. This means you have got to use your keywords! Also, if you don’t write one yourself, a Meta description will be created for you and will often be the first sentence or so of your content. It would behoove you to write your own to give a better description of the content. Also, make sure that the file names, as well as the alt text and title, of all images each include your keyword that you’re attempting to rank for.

4. Links. Search engines will determine the ranking of your website not only by relevant content, but by the links that are out there on the web pointing people back to your website. Don’t simply “buy” backlinks. Instead, write content that is valuable, engaging and educating to readers and this will encourage industry-specific bloggers or news websites to link to your site. When it comes to backlinks, always think quality over quantity.

5. Social Media. Think your law firm SEO doesn’t need Facebook? Think again. The content on your websites should be community-oriented. When you post content, you need to be able to give your readers a way in which to share the information via a variety of social networks. First, establish a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Then, set up your blog so that it can be shared by your followers and readers. Have conversations with your readers as often as you can.

Think of it like this: Your website is much like your ideal employee—a diligent worker that is able to work on a thousand different tasks effectively and simultaneously. When you optimize your website proficiently, you are virtually setting up your website to be a hardworking, lead-generating, traffic-acquiring, sales-calling machine. Consider these 5 crucial components when setting up your finest law firm SEO and you will soon be receiving quality leads and attracting ideal clients—all by way of your law firm’s website!


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