Grade your Mobile Marketing Solutions

If your business has yet to delve into the world of mobile marketing, don’t fret—it’s not too late for you to reap the benefits of branching out via mobile devices. Mobile marketing is a relatively new aspect of internet marketing and clever, forward-thinking businesses are constantly improving upon their mobile marketing solutions. One great way to determine effective mobile marketing solutions for your own business is to “grade” or assess the mobile marketing strategies of your business as well as others. As a potential “customer” you will be able to determine what works for them and what doesn’

Make a point of assessing the strategies of companies that are in the same industry as you. However, it would be helpful to also take a sneak peak at other businesses that have been recognized for their mobile marketing solutions. It’s important to look at a variety of mobile marketing strategies all while keeping in mind that what works for one industry may not work for yours. Fortunately, mobile marketing is still in its beginning stages so this gives businesses more creative freedom when determining their perfect mobile marketing strategies. Practice grading the mobile marketing solutions of your own business and see how they compare to the competition’s.

(+/-1) Deliver with a mobile mentality. If your emails and website were created with mobile devices in mind, award yourself one point. Mobile emails and webpages are going to be seen through a much smaller platform than traditional emails and you need to remember this when creating a subject line and writing content. Convey your message simply but without losing meaning and you’ve got the right idea. Plus one point!

(+/-1) Provide easily clickable buttons and links. If your websites and emails have tiny buttons and difficult links, users will soon become frustrated and proceed elsewhere. Minus one point for any mobile marketing solutions that have users poking at their screen with frustrated fingers.

(+/-1) Know your targeted audience. You’ll want to focus your mobile marketing strategies based on what percentage of your users are viewing your material on a mobile device. If you’re ideal customers are retirees, your strategy will be much different than if your audience consists mostly of college students. Add a point if your mobile marketing solutions are customized according to your ideal audience.

(+/-1) Think height over width. If your content is more easily read vertically, give yourself one more point. Most mobile users read material with their phone held upright, and won’t want to be forced to turn their phone sideways in order to understand the message.

(+/-1) Use a logical font size. Smaller is better when it comes to mobile, right? Not always. Putting small font on an email or website that is already going to be viewed through a small screen is the best way to impair your viewers’ eyesight. Minus a point if an email has your users squinting.

(+/-1) Avoid complex coding and heavy content. Think simple and think fast. Customers using a mobile device are probably already multi-tasking. They won’t want to wait around for content to load. If your solution is to keep it moving, give yourself a point.

(+/-1) Look for your main message and call to action. If they are in the top left corner, give yourself one last point. This is the place in which they’ll best be seen. Are you having to scroll past the fold in order to read an important piece of information? Minus a point!

5-7 Points: Mobile Marketing Master.

Great job. You may need only to tweak your mobile marketing solutions a tad and you should be all set to go mobile! Remember though, technology is always changing and shifting so your business, in turn, should never stop testing and improving.

3-5 Points: Mobile Rookie

Keep those mobile eyes and ears peeled for mobile marketing solutions that work well for other businesses. Try incorporating some of their practices in order to improve upon your own. Assess and grade your emails and website often to stay ahead of the competition.

Less than 3 points:

Needs Improvement. Don’t worry if your mobile marketing solutions fall short at first. As mentioned before, this is a new market for most businesses so it will be a learning process at first. Keep testing and assessing your efforts on different mobile devices to better your strategies.


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