How to Respond to Negative Facebook Comments

Social media is an effective method of interaction with your current and potential customers. Communicating on Facebook helps customers learn about your company and what your company can do for them. While this interaction occurs on Facebook for business, it is possible to have a user comment negatively about your company. Here are some ways to handle this feedback.

Do Respond to Comments

It is essential to respond to all comments on Facebook for business, including the negative ones. Do not ignore any complaints or concerns. Respond quickly and show that you care. If you do not respond, more negative feedback might follow.

Every customer deserves proper customer service, even on Facebook so keep a conversation flowing and show customers you want to help. It is important to respond to every comment and show your dedication to your company and your customers.

It might be necessary to follow up with a customer through a phone call or through email. As you respond, either on your Facebook for business page or through personal conversations, always make sure you stay patient and try to understand the problem from a customer’s point of view.

Do Not Delete Complaints

facebook for business

Do not delete complaints. Deleting complaints can cause more frustration and more negativity on your Facebook for business page. People will likely see the original post, as well as the additional negative posts that can result if you delete a comment. Do not avoid the problem. Instead, offer a solution. Apologize if your company has made a mistake. By apologizing to customers and giving them a solution to the problem, you will show your dedication to them and that you do care about their experiences. Explain how you will solve the problem and make sure they understand. Helping to solve customers’ problems and showing that you care has the potential to fix issues and make the experience positive.

Do Follow Your Social Media Strategies

Do not let the negative comments that could be on your Facebook for business page prevent you from posting normal updates. You must continue to provide relevant and educational content to your customers on Facebook for business. Many of the comments on your Facebook for business page will include positive feedback. Stay dedicated to your online community and provide the customers with the informative content they are looking for on your page.

Do Not Become Negative

The comments on your Facebook page are directed toward your business, so do not take the negative comments personally. Do not cause more negativity by being rude to the customer. This can only cause more harm to other customers and to your company. Respond to all of your customers nicely and provide the essential customer service that helps your company grow on Facebook for business.

Do Focus on Developing Relationships with Customers

Using Facebook for business is a good way to communicate with your customers. If a customer does post something negative about your company, responding to the customer and providing a solution shows that you can be trusted. Create relationships with customers and be honest.

Do Not Keep Irrelevant Content

The time it is appropriate to remove a comment is when someone posts irrelevant comments and only wants to upset the people who are visiting your page. It is not okay if someone is consistently causing arguments on your business page. You should remove these unnecessary and irrelevant comments.

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