The Importance of Real Estate Websites

The Internet is the source of 90 percent of the information used in home searches, according to the National Association of Realtors® (NAR). Creative and professional designs for real estate websites can be effective for real estate marketing because these sites help agents and brokers promote their services, inform buyers about properties that are for sale, distinguish their services from others, and create leads.

Design and Layout

real estate websites

Real estate websites must have a professional design and layout. Seventy-two percent of agents and broker associates have their own real estate websites, according to Placester. Within real estate websites, brokers can include featured listings, a MLS search, pictures and detailed information about houses that are available, and explanations about neighborhoods in which the houses are located. There should also be sections for contact information, links to media, videos that display tours of houses, and information about a broker’s background and experience. A schedule that informs visitors about open houses is also important for real estate websites. It is important for brokers to have control over their real estate websites to distinguish themselves from others. Real estate websites inform potential customers about who you are as a real estate broker and can help them make important decisions about the home buying process. Real estate websites for brokers should represent brokers and what they offer.


Blogs are also important for real estate websites. Blogs on real estate websites provide the opportunity to provide educational and informative content that can benefit potential buyers. They gain the attention of interested readers and are a form of inbound marketing. Information can include home improvement tips, trends in the industry, market information, property locator features, and community events and activities. Social media is also important to incorporate into real estate websites. Eighty-nine percent of REALTORS® use social media to an extent, according to the NAR. On a broker’s real estate website, there should be links to networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. This educational media content can help show the reliability and expertise of a broker.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a good way to inform potential buyers about new listings and the latest real estate news. Within a real estate website, there should be an option for visitors to sign up for news alerts. Newsletters, notifications about new blog posts, press releases, and articles can also be sent through email marketing to educate others about the industry and a broker’s services. Keeping potential customers informed about the latest information will lead to real estate success.

Create the Right First Impression

The Internet is now where people begin to research houses for sale. A future home owner will search to learn more about houses, brokers, real estate companies, neighborhoods, and locations. After searching for a home on the Internet, 62 percent of searchers walk through a home that they saw online, according to the NAR.

Your website must create a good first impression for your potential buyers. Real estate websites can provide the essential information that can attract potential home buyers. While searching for a home, 32 percent of searchers find an agent to search or buy a home, according to the NAR. Brokers and realtors have the ability to create personal connections with potential customers, and real estate websites are effective in initiating this process. Your website can portray your interest in the industry and dedication to helping potential customers with the process of purchasing a home. If you provide the right impression through your website, additional potential customers will want to contact you and learn more about your services.

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