In Need of a Muse When Blogging for Hospitality Marketing?

A blog is a fantastic tool for any hospitality industry. When you create a blog you are opening all sorts of doors in marketing. With a blog, you can educate and entertain your readers, receive more traffic, encourage conversation between potential customers, and improve your SEO. The list goes on. However, being a blogger myself, I understand that there will be days when the words just won’t come to you. We call this “writers block” and it can be difficult to snap out of. To help you, here is a list of 10 ideas geared towards hospitality marketing to get you started! Good luck and happy blogging!hospitality marketing

Write a List.

Lists are not only extremely easy to write, but they are also fun and easy to digest for your readers as well. Guests to your site will appreciate a short but sweet list containing things such as the area’s top attractions or events. Lists work especially well when you use intriguing titles with numbers such as “Top 12 Things to do in ______” or “You’d be Crazy to Miss Out on ___ while staying in ____!”

Promote a Contest.

This is a great way to get some interaction going among your customers. The best contests are the ones that engage your visitors. If you’re in the restaurant business, try running a contest offering a free gift card to followers who tweet about their favorite entrée.

Make a Schedule.

If you’re planning on blogging a few times every week, you can get creative with your titles to encourage readership. For example, create “themed” blog days such as “Motivational Monday,” “Wacky Wednesday” or “Thoughts on Thursday.”

How To’s & Tips.

In the forms of lists, these instructional blogs could be anywhere from “Tips for a Stress Free Vacation” for hotels and vacation rentals to a “How To Guide on Tasting Beer” for those in the restaurant business. Educate your readers and have fun with it!


Conduct a survey with your customers or guests and share the results via a poll. Not getting the positive results you wanted? In that same blog, feel free to let your customers know that you are making necessary improvements!

Photos & Videos.

Center a blog around a particularly interesting photo or video that guests or staff members took while at your business. Your hospitality marketing should involve a good mix of visual media to attract tourists and visitors who have never been to your location.

Report on Current or Past Local Events.

Have an important race coming up near your business? How about an exciting art show? Write a post about the event and promote it. Event planners may decide to repost your blog and you’ll receive even more traffic.

Guest Posts.

Ask a member of your community or a staff member to write a post every once in a while. Each writer will have their own voice and unique spin on content, so mix it up!


Have you been getting a lot of the same questions from your customers? Why not write a blog about it and post via social media. If people are already asking similar questions, it’s bound to get a lot of interaction.

Introduce New Products & Services.

Unveiling a new menu item? Do you have new amenities available at your vacation rentals? Let your readers know! Share the reasons why you think they should try it out.

Hopefully some of these ideas for your hospitality marketing blog will get the ball rolling. If you still find yourself struggling for inspiration, try keeping a notebook with you at all times to jot down notes or ideas. Ask your staff or visitors for suggestions. Keep your eyes open; ideas are all around you! Hospitality marketing also revolves around customer interaction, so do make sure to reply to any comments on your blog in a friendly, timely and professional manner. With time, your blog can be a remarkable asset to your hospitality marketing website.

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