Your Google Real Estate Marketing Kit 101

Want to boost your inbound marketing? Start first with your tools. Your real estate marketing toolbox should include a variety of nifty design, analytics and reporting tools that will help your business get the most out of internet marketing. There are a few apps—courtesy of the world’s most powerful internet search engine— that you should include in your all-inclusive marketing toolkit. Your internet real estate marketing goals should prioritize getting more qualified traffic to your site. When using these four Google apps, your inbound marketing goals can be easily attainable. What Google tools should you be using for your real estate website?real estate marketing

Google Analytics – First off, it is important to note that Google Analytics is a free (yes, free) tool for those businesses whose websites generate 10 million or fewer hits per month. For the amount of comprehensive reporting that the app does, this service is invaluable. Google will give you the insights into your website traffic and provide overall analytics by giving you a breakdown of your visitors (new vs. returning) and their traffic type (organic, referral, direct, etc.). You can also see what they’re doing on your site to decide where you should be focusing your marketing strategies. For example, after seeing that the majority of your visitors are stopping by your blog upon arrival, you may decide to strengthen this portion of your website. Or on the other hand, if a page on your website is not getting much traffic at all, you may decide to focus on that section first.

Google Trends– When determining which keywords your real estate marketing should focus on, you should use this handy-dandy Google Trends tool to help you pick ones which are peaking in search engines. You can compare the volume of search between two or more terms. The provided graph will show users how the term has ranked in the past as well as predict the topic’s popularity in the future. Proving especially helpful for location-specific real estate marketing, you can fine tune your results by searching specifically by country, city or region.

GoMo– Your on-the-go clients will greatly appreciate a real estate website that is mobile friendly. Don’t lose a potential customer by having a website that is not fully functional on their cell phones. This free do-it-yourself mobile website creation tool helps connect with your customers while they’re out and about, whether they are looking for an agent or searching for their next home. Simply put, with a mobile optimized site, your real estate marketing can reach more buyers and sellers.

Google Alerts– Want to know what terms buyers and sellers are using in your area? Set up Google alerts and monitor when specific keywords are being searched on the web. When someone searches one of your terms, you will receive a message from Google. Sign up to get alerts when the name of a specific realtor, your real estate business or its competition is mentioned. When using this tool for real estate marketing, you can easily find out when your real estate business is being talked about in a review or discussion so that you can respond (if needed) in a timely manner.

If your real estate marketing toolkit does not contain a basic variety of development and analytics tools, you may not be getting the most out of your real estate website. To make sure you are receiving the optimal amount of targeted traffic, you have to rely on data and reports to ensure that the visitors that are coming to your website are the ones that will be converting to leads and customers. By becoming aware of the behaviors of those who are visiting, you will be better off when developing and optimizing your web pages. These four Google tools can prove priceless when amping up your real estate marketing! Need some help? We are here to help you grow. Contact us at or call us at 855.372.8392.


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