Google+ for Real Estate Marketing

A crucial aspect of current real estate marketing is figuring out which are the best social media platforms to utilize and how to use them in the most beneficial way. Realtors everywhere have been catching on to the Facebook and LinkedIn craze, however, it seems as those they are brushing off the one social network that could be of greatest use to them: Google+! Why is this social media essential for real estate marketing?real estate marketing

SEO Benefits

Unlike other social media content, your Google+ posts can potentially rank on Google’s search results. By submitting your posts on Google+, your site could be indexed super quickly instead of taking the weeks and months like it normally does. This is great for real estate marketing because you want those pages to be ranking faster and higher in Google search results!

Search Plus Your World

In January of 2012, Google took the personalization of search to a whole new level. If you have a Google+ account and you are logged into it when searching on Google, your search results will be affected by your network. So, the larger your Google+ network, the more searches you can influence just by having your account. Google+ can get your name in front of more people than ever before. By searching pages that are recommended by people in their own network, users will be much more apt to trust a result that is connected with a friend than a traditional result that came up from an ordinary Google search.

Google Authorship

If you are producing content for your real estate marketing (and you should be), you will fall in love with this aspect of Google+. Google Authorship allows you to connect your content on the web with your Google+ profile. This then allows you to utilize “author rich snippets” that will pop up in search results. This means that when your content shows up in a search, applicable information such as your photo, a link to your profile, the number of your followers and relevant links will also be shown as well. If you have a large network, and a solid Google+ presence, this “snippet” can do wonders for your credibility!

Features of Google+ for Real Estate Marketing


Have you ever been on a social network and you had to stop yourself from posting something in case your elderly aunt or judgmental coworker might see? Finally, Google+ has found a way to segment your social networking. Now, you can create circles that will determine who can see your posts. Now you can segment your connections into groups such as personal and professional, or even more specific as in friends, families, peers, coworkers, etc. This is especially helpful for realtors whose social lives sometimes intersect with their professional.

Video Chats

With these nifty chats, you can have up to 10 different people join you for a video chat. Perhaps you want to share the inside of a home with an interested buyer, but they are unable to make it themselves. Invite them on a video chat as you walk through the home yourself. Clients will appreciate the extra effort and you might have just found them their dream home!


Ever log on to one of your social networks and get overwhelmed by the number of posts and news you were bombarded with? With Google+ Streams, you can tweak just what circles you want to see in your stream and which ones you don’t. If you’re tired of seeing irrelevant and irrelevant posts, you can customize your settings to include only what you need and want to see!

When it comes to real estate marketing, you will want to include Google+ to your strategy to get the most out of your social media marketing. Need help? We are here to help you grow. Contact Claiborne at or call us at 855.372.8392


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