Generate Real Estate Leads with Your Website

A realtor’s job is never done… between working with buyers and representing homeowners will negotiating with banks and attorneys you are constantly on the go.

So it can seem almost impossible to find the time to continually fill your sales funnel. What if I told you that there was a sure fire way to constantly have leads available to you who have already qualified themselves and are waiting for your call? This is what a well-designed internet marketing strategy can do for you.

Here’s where to find real estate leads:

where to get real estate leads

  • Now that we understand that 90% of all customers begin their search for a new home on the internet, the MOST IMPORTANT THING is to have a website. This website should be helpful and have easy to use. Put the MLS search right on your home page, if not at the top of the page, then no lower than a person would be able to see on a regular screen. Make sure that no matter where your potential buyers or sellers land on your site that the MLS Search is available on every page. This is why they’ve come to your page—they are interested in real estate.
  • The easiest way to engage your potential buyer or seller is to have educational content on your website. One quick way of providing educational content is by installing widgets on your website that provide listings, market conditions, etc. This keeps the user engaged on your website while they are doing their research. See and, for some examples. Make sure that you aren’t installing something that ultimately end up taking leads off of your site. Ask yourself before installing these “Is this something that my buyers and sellers would be looking for”
  • Internet marketing may the medium, but what this person is looking for is whether they want to be in a business relationship with you. A great way letting them get to know you is to use a blog. Tell them about the houses you are selling, sure, with great pictures, or better yet video. Write about your specialty as a short sale agent. That’s a given. You can also get more creative here… tell them about the local elementary school from your perspective as a parent. Take the time to write about the Farmers Market that services a community. The great part is that not only will a person get to know your personality and expertise in the area; they may bring new leads to you who are searching for that kind of content.
  • Finally, make sure that you allow folks to subscribe your blog. This is a great way to build your email list of prospective buyers and sellers. In fact, your blog should be a great start for a monthly email newsletter. Use the first several sentences of each blog that you’ve been publishing with a link back to your website to read more. This a great tool to continually engage in dialog with leads and prospects.  Learn more about how to create successful email campaigns by downloading the eBook

So you are going to have to start working differently and spending your marketing dollars differently. With a well-designed, educational website you are actively trying to build relationships. The great part is that you are building relationships with the leads you didn’t even know about and at their convenience. The whole goal is that when your lead that you’ve been nurturing is ready to buy or sell, they already know who they trust and want to work with– you!

If you want some more ideas and suggestion about where to find real estate leads, rely on an internet marketing agency with an expertise in real estate. Paveya is here to work with you to help you create leads, connect with customer and make sure that you grow. Call us at 855.372.8392 or email us at


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