Instagram for Business – Social Media Marketing

Instagram is growing in popularity, and it is a beneficial way for businesses to market to consumers.

An increasing number of brands are joining Instagram for business and gaining a large audience of followers. There are many best practices to follow to use Instagram for business effectively. The following are tips on how to use Instagram for business and examples of how popular brands use Instagram:

instagram-for-businessCreate a strategy that you will follow consistently with your posts to Instagram for business. You should be aware of what content you plan to provide to your followers, and you should have a goal for the process. Follow the strategy while posting on a regular basis. Methods to follow include informing your customers about your history and background, providing behind-the-scenes pictures, and promoting your products and services.

GAP uses Instagram for business by sharing pictures such as pictures of its products and company events. Each picture is unique and creative to engage followers.

dunkin donuts instagram for businessBe aware of how to use hashtags. Hashtags allow Instagram users to gather content with a shared hashtag in one place, and they help create a community of Instagram users. Use relevant hashtags and popular hashtags. Create a hashtag for your business. Hashtags can help you find more followers and allow you to share your pictures with a larger audience. Check consistently for the latest popular hashtags.

Dunkin’ Donuts frequently uses Instagram for business and uses hashtags, such as #ddlove, that relate to the company.

Disney Instagram for BusinessesTell a story about your business by using your pictures and captions.

Disney Channel uses Instagram for business through a variety of methods to engage and update followers. For example, the company posts pictures of Disney Channel stars at events. The company also informs followers about its channel and its history by sharing scenes from shows.

Have contests to promote your company. Create campaigns and engage your followers. Provide a clear explanation of your contest. Common hashtags can help promote your contest. The hashtag should be short and should have a connection to your brand. The reward for the contest winner should also relate to your company.

Instagram for BusinessesGeneral Electric launched a GE Instagrapher campaign. The campaign was launched to inform followers about the company and how it operates. GE wanted followers to take pictures and use the hashtag #GEInspiredME to explain how they are inspired by the ways in which GE operates. The prize was to become a GE Instagrapher for one day and to travel to the United Kingdom to take pictures of GE’s jet engine plants. To share the pictures with a larger audience, the company posted pictures on Pinterest.

jcrew instagram for businessShare pictures with other social networks as you post. Instagram can connect to other social networks like Facebook. You can increase your following by posting to multiple social networks. For example, J.Crew posts similar pictures to Facebook and Instagram.

Engage with your followers. Like their pictures, respond to their comments, ask them questions, share their pictures of your products and services, and encourage them to join contests and campaigns by your company.

Ben and Jerry's Instagram for BusinessesBen & Jerry’s posts pictures from their Instagram followers. For example, Ben & Jerry’s uses the hashtag #FanFotoFridayto post pictures by fans.

Instagram is a popular social network and is a way to engage your current and potential customers. Using Instagram for business is an opportunity to reach a large audience and to promote your company.

By using Instagram for business effectively, you can inform your followers about your company, company events, the latest updates, and more through creative photography, captions, and social media marketing strategies.


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