How Sponsored Stories on Facebook Can Promote Business

Sponsored Stories on Facebook allow businesses to engage more people.

facebook sponsored storiesAdvertisements become more social, and word-of-mouth recommendations are spread in a more effective manner with these stories. These recommendations can attract a wider audience and create more leads for your company.

Sponsored Stories come from the actions of Facebook friends. Facebook friends can endorse businesses and companies. These stories are messages that involve friends’ interactions with a Facebook Page, application, or event. The messages are available on the News Feed, but they may not be seen by most of the user’s friends. To increase the chance that friends will see the action, an advertiser pays Facebook to have these messages highlighted.

Various actions can become Sponsored Stories on Facebook. If a friend likes a Page or engages with features on a Page, such as by commenting on a Facebook post, the user could see these stories about his or her friend’s actions. Other types of actions include a friend joining an event, interacting with an application, or liking a website. If a friend joins an event and this is then sent to your News Feed, you could have an increased chance of seeing this story on Facebook if the company or individual has chosen to promote it.

Businesses and individuals can create Sponsored Stories on Facebook. Within Facebook’s ad creation tool, you will be given an option to promote a Page, application, or domain. You will also choose which kind of Sponsored Story you would like to be promoting to your audience.

Types of Sponsored Stories

  • Domain Story: These stories help send traffic from Facebook to your company’s website.
  • Page Like Story: This story helps send people to your Facebook Page.
  • Page Post Story: This one is associated with the positive comments on your Page. When a user visits your page and leaves positive reviews regarding your company, this can lead to an advertisement.
  • Check-In Story: When users check in to a location by using their mobile phones, this check-in can be shared.
  • App Share Story: This allows users to share the story from your application. Advertisers can highlight these stories.

Other types of Sponsored Stories are available also. You have the option to select which type of Sponsored Story will be the most effective and beneficial for your business.

Business and individuals must pay for Sponsored Stories. They will be charged based on the number of clicks that the Sponsored Story receives. The amount a company has to pay for the Sponsored Stories on Facebook will not go over the daily budget or the lifetime budget of the business, and no additional fees will be present.

Sponsored Stories are different from advertisements on Facebook. Sponsored Stories are more relevant to Facebook users. These stories can relate to information about Facebook users’ friends. Since the Sponsored Stories are more relevant to Facebook users and their friends, there is a higher chance that Facebook users will click on the stories compared to the advertisements. Regarding advertisements, the advertiser develops a message that will be shared with an audience.

Sponsored Stories on Facebook are a form of word-of-mouth marketing. By receiving information about friends’ recommendations, the stories are effective and provide relevant information. Companies and individuals who use Facebook to advertise can receive benefits from Sponsored Stories on Facebook.

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