Inbound Marketing – Where to Get Real Estate Leads

Where does your sales team go for leads?

Does your real estate company have a large sales team that is contacting leads through phone calls and emails to convert them into customers? While this can be a beneficial approach, inbound marketing practices effectively engage leads and convert them into customers.

Inbound marketing means advertising a company through blogs, podcasts, videos, eBooks, email newsletters, whitepapers, social media marketing, and other forms of content marketing. This content attracts people to your website, and your sales team can learn how to turn these visitors into real estate leads. Your company must then follow management practices to convert these leads into customers.

real estate internet marketing

The Inbound Marketing Sales Funnel

The top of the funnel includes unknown visitors to your website. To attract visitors and turn them into leads, you must produce quality content. This includes posting relevant articles in a blog. Your sales team should know that a blog is one place to get leads. Within your blog, you can provide helpful information, best practices in your industry, news, and descriptions and pictures of your houses.

Use social media networking to drive traffic to your website. Facebook and Twitter are effective lead-generating avenues for real estate companies. You can provide information about your company and industry news.

In the middle of the sales funnel, you can provide additional helpful information. These leads are knowledgeable about your company, but they are not prepared to purchase anything. They need to be converted into customers, and with effective middle-of-the-funnel marketing, this can happen.

Your sales team can provide real estate content that helps leads who are in the middle-of-the-funnel stage. Content is a reason the sales funnel is where to get real estate leads. You can provide eBooks, information about real estate listings, data about the real estate market, video tours of houses, and other informative content. Within this stage, you create a connection when you provide leads with informative content. Leads in this stage need to develop a stronger interest in your company and your houses.

Call-to-action links, which target visitors based on their interests, send visitors to a landing page on your website. This landing page explains the value of the article or service provided by your company. For example, a landing page might contain an offer such as a free eBook or home valuation. This page contains a contact form that the person must fill in to get the free offer. As potential customers research your company and your houses, you should move them to the next stage. While your sales team knows where to get real estate leads, the team should also understand how call-to-action links can help convert unknown visitors into sales leads.

Your company now knows that the sales funnel is where to get real estate leads and that the leads in the bottom of the funnel would like to buy from your company. They are interested in your houses and services. Your sales team must know information about your leads to continue marketing, and this is a reason the sales funnel is where to get real estate leads.With effective landing pages you can offer your visitors relevant content and can give you an opportunity to convert your web visitor into a real estate lead. The middle of the funnel helps you market to leads and is a reason why the sales funnel is where to get real estate leads. You gain information about them based on their activity on your website.

Your sales team should know what your leads are interested in, what they have studied on your website, and the ways in which they have communicated with your company. By being knowledgeable about your real estate company’s leads, your sales team can convert leads to customers.

The sales funnel and inbound marketing are where to get real estate leads for your company. Your sales team can manage leads for a longer period of time by following lead engagement practices. Knowing where to get real estate leads is an important component of the sales funnel and the inbound marketing process. By being knowledgeable about your visitors and leads, providing visitors with informative content, and developing a relationship with leads, your real estate company can have success in the inbound marketing process.

Paveya is your full-service inbound marketing agency. We are committed to helping you create leads, connect with customers, and develop your real estate business. Call us at 855-372-8392.

We look forward to helping our customers CREATE leads, CONNECT with customers, and GROW their business.


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