Promote your Vacation Rental Company with Social Media

Learn why social media has become critical for vacation rental companies.

social media

While traditional marketing worked in the past, we are now moving towards a more technological era that predominately relies on online marketing. People like to shop around online and become more educated before making a choice. Being able to research a product or service before purchasing allows consumers to feel more confident in their purchase. Being able to post information online for people to research is beneficial for vacation rental companies. But how do we guarantee that the information about our rentals is going to spark the interest of new customers? Two words: social media.

Social media is the interaction of people through online sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and the list could go on and on. Facebook alone has over 1 billion active users. The article below contains tips from Paveya on how to fully take advantage of social media for vacation rentals agencies.

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

Studies show that pictures of products are able to grab a customer’s attention in less than one second. When you post pictures on your social media sites, they will show up in your followers’ or friends’ news feed which will spark an interest.

We suggest posting a picture of your rental or a view that your rental has with a brief comment that will lead back to your website for more information. Sites like Facebook allows you to make photo albums so you could make an album of each rental which would include pictures of the inside and outside of the houses you have.

Engagement is Essential

Having followers and friends on social media sites is great but in order to keep them interested in what you are trying to sell entails maintenance. If they ask questions, always answer in a timely manner. A study performed by Cone Business in Social Media showed that 56% of consumers feel that when companies interact with them through social media sites, that they are receiving better service.

Be aware of the tone that you are using when you reply to people making comments or asking questions. Your tone should always be courteous and sincere. Try to post on a regular basis to keep people interested.

Asking questions is a good practice to start integrating into your posts. Say something like “our perfect activity to do while on vacation is fishing, what is yours?” This will attract replies from people and you can use it to have a conversation with them. Say someone writes back and says that they like to go to the beach you could reply something like “oh yeah, beach time is great too. The best beach near us is *blank* have you ever been there?” Get people interested through suggestions.

Know What You Post

When you get into the swing of posting on a regular basis, start observing your posts and taking notes on what images and comments get the most “likes,” “shares,” and responses. This way when you make future posts you will know what captures attention the most. Not only is this going to get more feedback from your followers and friends but it will show them that your company is also being responsive to them.

Being involved with social media is becoming essential to achieving a successful business. But just making an account on social media sites isn’t enough. You need to make sure that you are regularly making contributions and constantly interacting with existing customers and potential customers.

Paveya is a full-service inbound marketing agency that helps their customers create leads, connect with customers and grow their business using cutting edge internet marketing.

Let’s grow! Contact us or call 855.372.8392 to discuss you social media marketing strategy.

We look forward to helping our customers CREATE leads, CONNECT with customers and GROW their business.


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