How to Create a Successful LinkedIn Company Page

Promote your business with a LinkedIn Company Page.

LinkedIn is the largest professional network company in the world and has more than 225 million members. Business-to-business companies and business-to-consumer companies can find many benefits from using LinkedIn, including the LinkedIn Company Page. A LinkedIn Company Page can help businesses inform customers about the brand and the company’s product and services. LinkedIn and a LinkedIn Company Page are essential parts of a company’s social media strategies.

Home & Overview


When you create a LinkedIn Company Page, you can create the profile to introduce others to you company. Within your profile, you can explain your company’s background. This includes adding an image to the profile that can help explain your brand. You should also provide contact information and other general information. In this section of the LinkedIn Company Page, you can post updates on industry and company news. You can also post links to products, links to blog posts, and links to careers.

To keep your other members engaged and interested in your company, post consistently and share relevant content, including your company’s educational blog posts. As you create content, it is essential to follow search engine optimization strategies. Use keywords and keyword phrases that you use on your company’s website to stay consistent. Post educational information, photos, and videos to keep followers engaged and informed.

Products & Services

LinkedIn gives you the option to add a Products & Services tab to your company’s LinkedIn Company Page. Provide current and potential customers with information on what your company offers. Talk about your products and services and share pictures, videos, and specials. As you add content, you must make sure it is educational and relevant to your audience. In the Products & Services section of your LinkedIn Company Page, you can also display customer recommendations and links to purchase your products and services.


Within the Careers section of the LinkedIn Company Page, you can share job postings, testimonials that feature employees, and additional content related to employment. LinkedIn members who visit your page can apply for jobs, search your listings, and learn information about your company. You can find experienced employees and reach a large audience through the Careers page. There is a paid subscription that is required for this section of the LinkedIn Company Page.


According to LinkedIn, your followers are the first people who can advocate for your company. Your current employees can advocate for your brand by being followers. Your employees should develop professional LinkedIn profiles and follow your LinkedIn Company Page. They can be displayed as employees on the LinkedIn Company Page, and, on their personal profiles, they can display your company as their employer. You can also add employees as administrators of the LinkedIn Company Page.


Members of LinkedIn can find your LinkedIn Company Page by searching for it, but you can promote and share the page as well. Methods of promotion include ad campaigns and sharing your account on your company’s other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Follow Ads and Follow buttons with links can help promote your company and increase engagement. You can also use Targeted Updates and select which part of your audience sees certain posts. You should gain a large audience and promote your information effectively through a LinkedIn Company Page.


The Insights section of a LinkedIn Company Page is where your company can check analytics. Analytics allow you to understand who is seeing your content and which content is relevant to the visitors. Analytics allow you to understand your followers and how effective your content is for them. The page administrator can check your LinkedIn Company Page’s analytics. This section can help you measure your LinkedIn Company Page’s traffic, engagement, and success.

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