How to Use Videos on Instagram for Businesses

Facebook recently released a video feature on Instagram.

Instagram lets you share videos that are three to 15 seconds long. You can share your videos just like you are using Instagram for business with photos. It’s important to remember that Instagram content can be shared to Facebook, which means you can reach more people. More than one billion people are on Facebook, which is the world’s largest social network, and more than 100 million people are active members of Instagram. Instagram, a Facebook-owned application, is a great way for businesses to use social media. With photos, and now with videos, you can share content with millions of people who are on Instagram.

A great way to use Instagram for business is by providing previews and behind-the-scenes pictures and videos of your products and services. You can also take videos of the process of creating a product as well as a short video of employees working in the office. If your company is having a sale or starting a new contest, use Instagram for business and post a video of the announcement. Share creative videos and small commercials by adding one of 13 new custom filters that Instagram offers. Show updates to products and services so customers are informed. There are many ways to use videos on Instagram for business.

instagram video for businesses

Relating to customers is an important part of social media marketing and using Instagram for business. Show your company’s personality and share your company’s story by using Instagram for business. For example, share interviews of employees or an important part of the company’s history. By posting videos of your background, you can personalize your company and create relationships. A customer testimonial is a great video to post on Instagram for business. If customers tell you how your product or service has helped them, ask for a video to share it with others. Customer testimonials will produce benefits in Instagram for business.

Instagram’s video service allows you to edit videos, select a cover frame, and improve the quality of videos by using stabilization features. The cover frame is a custom frame that will give a proper first impression of the video. The stabilization feature will improve the quality of recordings. Sharing videos is a great way to use Instagram for business and to use video marketing.

Video marketing has proven to be effective. Short videos that display your company’s products and services can produce benefits on Instagram for business. Product videos can help customers, and they can help your company be easily found on Google as well. By the end of 2012, mobile video traffic equaled 51 percent of total traffic, according to Cisco. Out of the marketers in the United States, 65 percent plan to increase their mobile ad budgets because of video, according to eMarketer and Insivia. Posting videos on Instagram for business can help with video marketing strategies.

As you post videos, you should continue to interact with your followers. Use common and interesting hashtags to start campaigns, create informative captions, respond to comments, and share company-related photos that are posted by followers. Visual content and interaction with current and potential customers are essential components of social media strategies. Using Instagram for business can be effective with both photos and videos.

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