How to Use Facebook for Business

Facebook, the largest social media network in the world, is an important marketing tool for all businesses. Any type of company, from a small business to a large corporation, can benefit from using Facebook for business with the proper marketing strategies.


Create a Fanbase

facebook for businesses

Building a fanbase is an important first step while using Facebook for business. There are various ways to create a fanbase on Facebook for business. Your company can purchase advertisements and Sponsored Stories to increase its reach. If you develop an advertisement on Facebook for business, Facebook users can like your company within the ad. Your ad can be customized to connect to the right audience, and you can test a variety of ads to see which ads work well on Facebook for business. If your company has a blog within its website, as well as Twitter and Pinterest accounts, connect your Facebook account to them and share it to others. For example, you can share your Facebook posts on Twitter and insert your Facebook link on Twitter. If you have an email mailing list for purposes such as a newsletter, you can also share your company’s Facebook page within the emails and newsletters. These methods will allow you to connect with your audience and grow your fanbase while using Facebook for business.

Connect with your Fans and their Friends

The next step in using Facebook for business is to consistently post educational and relevant content to keep your fans informed. You should also interact with your fans. It is important to develop relationships with your audience members. Facebook for business posts can also include company news, photos, videos, and information about contests. Have conversations with your audience on Facebook for business by asking questions and responding to their posts. While using Facebook for business, connect with fans and personalize your company. Your company and your audience will see the benefits. To further expand your reach and to connect with your fans’ friends, you can create offers that your fans will share with others, create events for people to join, and develop Sponsored Stories. According to Facebook, 80 percent of consumers say they are more likely to try something new that is based on a friend’s suggestion within social media. Click here to read about Sponsored Stories on Facebook for business, which can be used to reach the friends of your fans and expand your company’s audience.


Facebook allows you to manage ads and Sponsored Stories through ad campaigns. Campaigns allow you to track the social reach, campaign reach, and click-through rates for ads you create on Facebook for business. Facebook’s social media ad campaigns can also help your company organize ads, receive more likes, and increase engagement. You can create a budget and duration for each campaign that you create and develop on Facebook for business.

Page Insights

Checking analytics is an important part of using Facebook for business. Page Insights will allow you to understand your audience and know which content is relevant to them. In other words, they are the analytics for your company’s page. Through the Insights tab, you can see how many people have liked your page, the number of friends your fans have, the number of people who are telling friends about your company, and the total number of people who have seen content that is related to your company’s Facebook page. You can divide information up into demographics, such as age, gender, and location, to have a specific understanding of your audience. Page Insights and analytics are great ways to learn how your company’s page is doing and who the content is reaching as you use Facebook for business.

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