Inbound Marketing for Retail

Content in inbound marketing for retail includes social media posts, blog articles, and how-to videos about your products. Relevant, reliable web content and a consistent online presence will drive more traffic to your website because people are searching the internet for your products—everyday!


According to, consumers spend between $1,200 and $1,300 annually for online shopping. Inbound marketing for retail can be cost effective and increase your company’s revenue without being time consuming.


Social Media

marketing for retail

Social media is an effective form of communication for retailers. According to Mashable and Booz & Company, online sales that are from social media networks will grow 93 percent annually in a four year period, starting from 2012. Inbound marketing for retail includes Facebook posts about your industry, Instagram pictures of the latest trends, product release tweets on Twitter, blog posts within your website, pins on Pinterest, and YouTube videos on how to use your products. By actively engaging customers in social media, companies can develop relationships with their customers; find out their opinions on your products; and share informative content with them.


An important advantage of social media within inbound marketing for retail is that your fans will share your content, and that means more people will see your products and develop an interest in your brand. Customer reviews and referrals are important for your retail company, and brand recommendations can produce new clients. Through customer reviews and referrals, you can learn about your customers and what they are interested in.




Blogs are another essential component of inbound marketing for retail. Your retail company should create informative content through blogs to help answer your customer’s questions. The key to inbound marketing for retail is to allow customers to find you through quality content. Your company might write blogs about the unique features of your products, industry-related news, and trends in your industry. On your retail blog, you can announce new specials and sales offers. Share relevant content through text, pictures, and videos. Your blog must be a good representation of your retail company and your industry.


Website and E-Commerce


Company websites are important components of inbound marketing for retail. Your clients should visit your website and know that they will have a good experience as they learn more about your company and your products.


Inbound marketing for retail includes e-commerce on your company’s website. Customers can shop on the website and buy products directly through the Internet. According to Mashable, from 2011 to 2016, 15 percent more people will shop online. That means 192 million people in the United States will shop online. Having informative and easy-to-use websites are essential to success.


A retail store’s website should have more than just product information. It should have shopping carts, such as X-Cart, as well as payment gateways, and catalog packages. Paveya can help your company create an effective and personalized e-commerce website. We also provide a variety of web design and e-commerce services such as search engine optimization and mobile marketing. Your retail website will be customized for your audience and your needs. 


Paveya is your full-service inbound marketing agency. Our team of professionals is ready to help you with your inbound marketing for retail strategies, including website design, e-commerce development, SEO, and social media, as you expand your business and engage with your customers.


Call Paveya at 855-372-8392 to receive help with your inbound marketing for retail strategies.

We look forward to helping our customers CREATE leads, CONNECT with customers, and GROW their business.


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