Twitter’s Shiny New TweetDeck

On Monday, Twitter announced that there will be many new features added to their TweetDeck. The features will not be released all at once—they are starting with the website and Chrome app, and then Windows and Mac apps.

The sleek new panel can be accessed on the TweetDeck after you click on the “New Tweet” button or when you go to reply to a new tweet. This new panel allows you to choose which account you would like to submit a tweet from. When you select an account, the icon will be illuminated and have a green check mark in the bottom right corner. As for the accounts that are not selected, they will be dim and have no check mark. Underneath the “New Tweet” box there are three buttons that will enable you to add an image, schedule tweets, and write direct messages.


One of the most exciting new features that have been added to the TweetDeck is that we will be able to reply to multiple users within a tweet. Users will simply click the “reply” button and that will automatically import all the usernames in. Another exciting feature is that when you are writing a tweet and begin to type in usernames and hashtags, they will auto-generate.

These changes are being made not only for convenience purposes but to entice people to engage in tweeting more. I don’t know about you but with all these new features and simplicity of using them, I plan to be tweeting a lot more!

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