Real Estate Marketing: Increase Your Audience with Facebook

Though realtors have the unique ability to get to know their clients and connect on a very personal level (and they do this brilliantly), online socializing is probably not your thing. But don’t question its necessity.

If you’re a real estate agent, and you don’t have a Facebook account, stop what you’re doing right now and make one. No, don’t use your personal account for your real estate services.  Facebook accounts for businesses offer features not provided otherwise. It’s so easy to make a Facebook account, and it’s worth the effort.

Before you dismiss this suggestion, here are 7 reasons why it’s an absolute must to join the social media frenzy.

facebook real estate

  1. Reach new customers. There are 1.06 billion monthly active users on Facebook today, according to CNET, which opens up a world of possibilities when you market your business on that site. You may find yourself new customers simply by connecting with friends and family of current customers. Consider it networking at its best.  Better yet, it’s free.
  2. Promote your listings and local community. Have an incredible house you’re just dying to show off? You can use Facebook to promote your listings with little to no extra costs to you. Just remember to keep your social media site social. This isn’t a print ad, so maintain your personality and be consistent with your overall messaging and language. Don’t be afraid to encourage dialogue about the listing as well.
  3. Show your interest in the local community. Give information about the community in which you work—it not only displays your knowledge and passion for your neighborhood but markets to prospective residents and out-of-town guests. You can even post about upcoming events in the area.  Inspire an interest for living in that same community. You may even consider inviting potential clients to join you on such an outing.
  4. Engage with your clients. Just like you connect with your clients in person, you can show them you care by engaging with them personally on social media. Give them a vision for what they could experience living in one of your homes. Post a recipe for their first dinner in their new home. Greet them with engaging questions and interactive posts.
  5. Always upload images! Photo sharing on Facebook is all the hype, especially since Facebook acquired Instagram (a photo and video sharing social networking site) in the spring of 2012.  The more likes, comments, and shares that your posts get, the better the publicity. In other words, a post (text or image) with a lot of followers (likes, comments, and shares) will be viewed by more people in their News Feed.
  6. Be an interactive realtor. Contests can be a fun, creative way to further engage with your market. Increase the number of likes and followers on your page through contests and giveaways. Want to get to 500 likes? Allure the 500th person to like your page through an enticing giveaway.
  7. Create longer lasting relationships. Online networking is the perfect way to better get to know your client. You can gain a better understanding of who your clients are through this interaction. And once you’ve sealed the deal, the relationship doesn’t have to be over.  Give your customers an opportunity to show their appreciation. They may express gratitude through posts and images on your page.  Consider this free advertising from those who have previously worked with you. And if nothing else, the encouragement will always brighten your day.

Ultimately, social media platforms are your key to better connect with your clients, interact with your market in fun and creative ways, generate more leads, and create sales. If you’re not on Facebook, the guy down the street certainly is, and he’s snagging all the business.

Need help getting started with Facebook? The social media experts at Paveya can help you connect with potential customers, call us at  855-372-8392.

We look forward to helping our customers CREATE leads, CONNECT with customers, and GROW their business.


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