Real Estate Internet Marketing: 5 Video Topics to Attract Buyers

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) says that 90% of home buyers use the internet to research properties. Before 2013, customers considered photos helpful but now video dominates real estate marketing. The NAR also states only 3% of agents put their listings on YouTube™. With the help of video editing software and video sharing websites such as YouTube or Vimeo™, real estate agents must leverage this highly effective marketing tool or risk being trumped by their competition.

This article will help you generate ideas for producing real estate marketing videos. Quality video content will help establish you as an authority in your niche market and present your listings in a more comprehensive and convenient way for web viewers.

Topic 1: Property Listings

Gone are the days when website text and photos held the attention of a potential buyer. The most effective marketing for property listings are the one to three minute videos that guide a perspective buyer around the exterior and grounds and through each room. This approach allows visitors to experience the flow and charm of the property. Typically, your videos will feature you talking about the appeal of the home, special features, and the neighborhood, which can be added during the video editing stage.

Topic 2: Open House Exclusives

Open house events provide an ideal platform to focus on a home’s appeal to potential buyers. In your videos, include a tour of the home’s interior and add clips of people seeing a particular room for the first time or gazing out a window to take in the view. Capture people enjoying the property. For example, use shots of someone walking through the lawn; a family gathered on a porch; or a child jumping onto a tree swing. Experiment with interesting angles such as ground-level and bird’s eye perspectives, both inside the house and outside.

This is also a perfect opportunity to store up clips of real people admiring your properties and interacting with you, all of which you can use in future promotional videos.

Topic 3: Agent Profiles

Agent profile videos can be produced in different ways but these usually feature an agent talking about their education, certifications, passion for the real estate industry, and their personal connection to the community in which they work. Whatever you decide to discuss, keep agent videos short—no longer then one minute. Avoid producing a video of just your face—include clips of you interacting with clients at one of your listings. It is best to use real situations with voiceovers that explain, for example, your real estate experience; staged clips of a scripted conversion will look fake and come across somewhat disingenuous.

Topic 4: Client Interviews

Interview a customer who has experienced a particularly successful transaction through your agency. Ask the customer to describe the experience from beginning to end. Here are some questions that you can ask to get the conversion moving.

  1. What initially brought you to my website?
  2. What convinced you to do business with me?
  3. What attracted you to this community?
  4. What do you love most about your new home?
  5. Explain why you will recommend my real estate services to your family and friends?

If you are interviewing a buyer, be sure to add clips of the home, grounds, neighborhood, and the client enjoying their new home.

Interview videos require a bit of creative editing but it will be well worth your time.

Topic 5: Community Highlights

Videos are vital for developers and realtors who want to promote a community lifestyle. Compile video clips of amenities such as community walking paths, ponds, swimming pools, and playgrounds, plus nearby schools and shopping centers. Add shots of real people enjoying the community as this will send a powerful message to potential buyers.

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